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Log peeling

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log debarker

Log debarker machine is also called wood rounding  machine, which is one of the equipments for plywood veneer production line. As the name suggests, the wood veneer peeling machine peels off the bark of the wood. The purpose of wood peeling is to better rotate the logs and improve the quality of the veneer later.

The structure of the bark of the log is diverse, including smooth, scaly, ditch, etc. The thickness of the bark is related to the species and age of the wood. We should choose the peeling machine reasonably according to the type of wood.

In addition, the storage location of peeled logs should be cleaned frequently to keep the surface of the wood clean. After peeling the wood segment, it should be placed for 1-3 hours before rotary cutting according to the diameter of the wood and the degree of hydrothermal treatment, so that the internal temperature of the wood can be uniform and conducive to rotary cutting.

At present, there are mainly two types of wood peeling: manual peeling and mechanical peeling.

The manual peeling mainly uses tools such as a knife and a flat shovel to remove the bark. This method is relatively clean and the damage to the wood is relatively small, but the labor intensity is relatively large and the efficiency is relatively low.

Mechanical peeling is the use of various peeling machines to peel wood. The basic requirements of the log peeling machine are: clean peeling, reduce the damage to the wood, the machine is simple and efficient.

The peeling machine is suitable for large, medium and small paper mills, pulp mills, wood chip plants, wood processing plants, forest plants, wood yards, artificial board plants (such as plywood plants, medium density fiberboard plants, etc.) in southern China's forest areas (Guangdong, Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian, Sichuan, Hainan, etc.) The forest must be peeled first when the forest is harvested. The peeling machine utilizes the unique force generated by the rotor with peeling teeth. At this point, the wood has teeth, wood and wood, wood and wood Constant friction, impact, squeezing, bark separation between the silo, to achieve the effect of high rotor peeling machine

Log debarker machine features:

1. Adopt four-sided blade cutter, easy to use and low cost.

2. The pressure adjustment of cutter head is controlled by hydraulic pressure, with advanced structure and reliable performance.

3. The feeding mechanism adopts stepless speed change, which has a good peeling effect on difficult-to-peel tree species such as frozen wood, bent wood, eucalyptus, oak, elm and so on.

4. High peeling clarity, high productivity, and small wood damage.

Therefore, choosing a log debarker machine suitable for your production can save labor and improve production efficiency.




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