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Main machine of plywood production: edge trimming machine

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Plywood edge trimming machine is used for the edge cutting of the board; the target is to get tidy edges and a 90-degree corner angle. Neat edges are not only for beauty, but it is also essential in the transportation and use process. The plywood after hot pressing is very disorderly, and if the untidy edges are broken by crushing or damaged by other reasons, it will have a very big influence on the surface and the inner structure of whole plywood. So the edge trimming is very important in the process of plywood production.

 plywood edge trimming machine

The edge trimming can be divided into two steps: longitudinal edge trimming and transverse edge trimming. The edge trimming saw can be divided into the longitudinal saw, and transverse saw. In some factories, workers push the plywood goes through the saw platform, then the redundant edges were cut down, but most factories use automatic edge trimming machine to accomplish this job, this machine only needs one people to look after the machine and transport the plywood stacks. In the beginning, an automatic board pushing device to push the plywood on a longitudinal guiding rail, the guiding rail transport the plywood goes through a saw table; this saw table have two main saw blade, the distance between these two saw blade is 1220 mm mostly, the longer edge is cut down. Then the plywood is transported by the chain to the transverse saw platform; the shorter side is cut down, the distance between the saw blade is 2440mm. Then the finished plywood is transported to an automatic stacking machine.

plywood edge trimming machine 1

According to different transmission methods,  the edge trimming sawing machine can be divided into roller sawing machine and guiding rail sawing machine. The characteristic of roller sawing machine is that the board are transported by roller platform and high precision cutting. In the guiding rail sawing machine, the boards are transferred by guiding rail, though the cutting is not very precise, its cost is lower than roller sawing platform, so the guiding rail is widely used in the plywood production factory.

plywood edge trimming machine 3




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