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Maintenance of cold press in winter

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clod press

As we all know, the cleaning and maintenance of hydraulic cold presses are important links in the operation of cold presses, all for the purpose of keeping hydraulic cold press equipment in an optimal working condition. So, what kind of cleaning is considered useful for cold presses? What should be paid attention to during the cleaning process of the cold press? In the cold winter, teach you how to maintain the hydraulic cold press equipment.

Cleaning of hydraulic cold press:

1. The oil should be selected correctly when cleaning the cold press:

In some plywood factories, some operators often use liquids such as kerosene, gasoline or alcohol to clean and clean the hydraulic cold press when cleaning the hydraulic cold press. In fact, doing so will damage the equipment of the cold press For the life of components, seals, and pipelines, a better cleaning substance should be test oil or a little oil during operation.

2. Working power of cold press cleaning with small skills:

In the process of cleaning the hydraulic cold press, you can use hydraulic pumps for operation, heating the cleaning medium, and non-metallic hammer percussion to speed up the cleaning of the attachments, rubber slag and other impurities in the pipeline of the hydraulic cold press. . When cleaning the oil return line of the cold press, different numbers of filters are used to clean up impurities.

3. Grasp the cleaning time of the cold press:

Generally speaking, the cleaning time of a hydraulic cold press is 2-4 hours. Different hydraulic cold press systems have different structures, different pollution conditions, and different cleaning accuracy. This requires personnel who are responsible for the cleaning operations of cold press equipment. Arrange the cleaning time according to your own equipment.

Maintenance of hydraulic cold press:

The cold weather in winter will cause the moisture in the air to freeze and mix into the oil drum. In order to avoid this kind of situation, the oil drum of the hydraulic cold press equipment must be tightly covered, and the lid of the drum The material is best not to use iron drum lids, it is best to use stainless steel drum lids, because the iron drum lid will undergo a chemical reaction after oxidation, and the generated rust will enter the oil drum and cause oil pollution.

The maintenance requirements for other mechanical systems of the cold press must be carried out from the aspects of anti-freezing, heat preservation, heating, and replacement of operating oil. In winter, the maintenance and maintenance of these cold press systems need to be more frequent than other seasons. Frequent checking and maintenance in winter can reduce the failure rate of cold press equipment in winter.

Here I need to remind the factory that uses the hydraulic cold press. It is best to use low-viscosity operating oil when replacing the operating oil in winter, because the high-viscosity operating oil will be viscous in winter and not easy to move, forming a cold press The decrease in power during machine operation.




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