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Plywood veneer peeling machine and Planing machine

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         Plywood veneer peeling machine and Planing machine

Many people think that the plywood veneer peeling machine and the planning machine are the same equipment. Today, I will simply tell you the difference between them.

Plywood veneer peeling machine are an important machine for plywood machines. The purpose of the rotary cutting machine is to machine a log of a certain length and diameter into a veneer. Rotary cutting machines are important equipment in the production of plywood. The logs are cut into thin veneers, and then plaited and glued to pry the plywood. The rotary cutting machine not only improves the quality of the veneer, but also improves the production efficiency.

The planning machine is the main equipment for the production of wood veneers and meager wood. It is also used to produce veneers, which are cut into large-format thin wood, which is also veneer, which can be used as a decorative surface.

Plywood veneer peelig machine and planning machine are all equipment for producing veneers. What is the difference between the veneers they produce?

At present, the processing methods of veneer at home and abroad are mainly rotary cutting and planing, and the corresponding processed veneers are called rotary cutting veneers and sliced veneers. The thickness of the rotary cut veneer and the sliced veneer depends on the technical parameters of the respective machine. The thickness of China's rotary cutting veneers is about 0.25-5.5mm, and the thickness of foreign special-purpose rotary cutting machine veneers can reach 12mm. The thickness of the sliced veneer varies widely, from 0.2 to 10 mm. Currently,

The thickness of the veneer manufactured by the rotary cutting machine is mostly 1 mm or more and 3 mm or less. The uniformity of the thickness of the veneer in this range is good, and it is not easy to penetrate the glue when the process of applying the glue in the process of producing the plywood. The rotary cut veneer has a large format and a beautiful chord pattern. The planed thin veneer is beautiful and realistic, and is suitable for veneering of parquet patterns, plywood, furniture and building parts.

Rotary cut veneers are generally used to produce plywood and veneer lumber, while planed veneers are generally thin and can be applied to the surface of board, medium density fiberboard and plywood. It is the main material for high-end furniture, musical instruments and architectural decoration, and it is also the main material for the surface of wooden wood-based panels. Both the rotary cut veneer and the sliced veneer can be used as decorative materials.

Veneer peeling machine are more widely used than planers. The veneer produced by the planer needs to be spliced, the utilization rate of the wood is low, and the productivity of the cutting is only about 10% of the rotary cutting machine. At present, only the thin wood is cut, which is not conducive to the continuous production. Moreover, the planer cutting board has a narrow width, generally 300 mm.




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