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Rotary cutter

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The veneer peeling machine is an important machine for producing veneers. Rotary cutting machine can improve the efficiency of plate cutting, save manpower and material resources, and improve the economic benefits of manufacturers. The blade is an important part of the rotary cutter and is mainly used to cut the wood into a single-plate cutter. Incorrect installation of the blade can affect the use of the machine, so it is important to install the tool correctly.

When installing, take the height of the center line of the card shaft as the reference. Rotate the bolt first to fix the height of the two sides, and then position the middle height. Make the blade edge of the blade and the center of the machine's card shaft at the same horizontal line, and then fasten the nut.

It should be noted that the height of the cutting edge is 0-1 mm higher than the center of the wood. If the vibration occurs during the cutting, it is due to the low installation of the knife, and the blade is adjusted to the non-shocking knife. If the resistance of the rotary cutting is too large or the skin is broken, it is because the blade is installed too high, and it is appropriate to down-regulate it properly.

After installing the rotary cutter, commission the rotary cutter. The thickness of the skin is closely related to the rotary cutter. If the knife position is too high, the veneer will be uneven and the knife will be too low. So how do you adjust the position of the rotary cutter to make it work quickly and with high quality?

1. Loosen the compression bolts on both sides of the single box of the rotary cutter, insert the knife between the knife and the single roller with a feeler gauge to see if the two ends are consistent. If they are inconsistent, adjust the adjusting screws at both ends of the table so that the gap is equal to or slightly larger than the thickness of the skin.

2. Use the triangle ruler to hold the upper and inner parts of the double roller, and then use the ruler to measure the blade edge upwards. Read the value of the ruler on the lower side of the triangle ruler. When the thickness of the veneer is between 1.2 and 1.9, the reading is 102mm. When the skin thickness is between 0.6mm and 1.2mm, the knife height is 101-102mm; when the skin thickness is between 1.9mm and 2.6mm, the knife height is 102-102.5mm. When the skin thickness is greater than 2.6 mm, the knife height is 102.5-103 mm. Use the same method to measure both ends and the middle of the knife to keep the knife and the single roller horizontal.

After the rotary cutter has been used for a while, the rotary cutter is ground. Grinding blades can use a cutter grinder machine, the material of the cutting edge is relatively brittle, do not grind blue, otherwise the blade will be annealed, resulting in tool damage can not be used.




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