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Sanding machine characteristics

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sanding machine

Plywood machine refers to a machine tool that processes wood into plywood in the wood processing technology. Sanding machine is an important part of plywood machine.

The object of plywood machining is wood. Wood is a kind of material that humans discovered and used earlier, and it is closely related to human housing, transportation and use. Mankind has accumulated a wealth of wood processing experience in long-term practice. Plywood is cut into large veneers from logs along the annual ring direction. After being processed by veneer dryer machine, gluing machines, cold press machine, hot press machine, and sanding machines, the wood grain directions of adjacent veneers are perpendicular to each other. The principle is to form blanks and glued plates.

Sanding machine or wide band sanding machine, is a woodworking machinery manufacturer, mainly for woodworking board processing industry, floor and wallboard processing industry, bamboo and wood crafts processing industry, bamboo and wood toy processing enterprises, specially developed sanding equipment, with simple operation , High degree of automation, high production efficiency, mature and stable technology, complete supporting facilities, etc., can be perfectly connected with automatic production lines to form various automatic production lines.

Features of sanding machine:

   1. The polishing efficiency of the sanding machine: The sanding machine can achieve up and down rotation polishing, using high-quality polishing wool, with sufficient elasticity, high fineness, and higher overall polishing efficiency.

   2. The operation of the sanding machine: The polishing staff of the sanding machine only needs to load and feed materials, which greatly reduces labor intensity and saves time and effort. Equipped with an advanced frequency converter, the appropriate grinding speed can be selected according to the hardness of the workpiece. The unique inclination design of the fuselage conforms to the ergonomic design, and the operation is more comfortable.

   3. The safety aspect of the sander: There are work switches and emergency stop switches, which are easy to operate. If you encounter any unexpected situations during the operation, press the emergency stop switch to make the operation safer.

4. The service life of the sander: the body of the sander is treated with high-temperature baking paint, and the paint is not easy to fall after a collision, the anti-rust effect is longer, the machine is more beautiful and durable, and the service life is longer.

The following points should be paid attention to in the use of sanding machine:

1. Ensure that the machine tool is grounded effectively and check whether the safety protection devices are in place.

        2. Put away your watches, bracelets and other items before starting the machine, fasten your cuffs, fasten your long hair, take off your tie, and don't wear slippers or high heels.

        3. Do not process too small or too large workpieces. Don't turn on the machine at over speed, and don't turn on the machine when the processing volume is too large.

4. It is not allowed to use abrasive belts with scratches or cracks.

5. Before installing the belt, make sure that the surface of each work roll is smooth, free of dirt and indentation, and confirm that the running direction of the belt is consistent with the direction of the mark on the back of the belt.

6. After installing the sanding belt, check the sanding device to ensure that the center bracket is firmly locked with it.

7. Before performing any cleaning or maintenance work, the sanding machine must be shut down and powered off, and special warnings should be used to remind the surrounding staff.

8. Keep all working surfaces inside the sander clean and the surrounding ground clean, and regularly lubricate according to the lubrication requirements.

9. When the sanding machine is working, check the monitoring values of each sanding head and the feeding drive ammeter at any time to predict whether there is an overload phenomenon.

Note: The emergency brake button can only be used in emergency situations.




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