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Things to note when using 8 log debarker machine

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8 feet log debarker machine

The log debarker machine(wood debarker machine) is a device for peeling and rounding the logs. If the operation is not good, it may affect the use of the log debarker machine(wood debarker machine), fail to make full use of the machine, and may damage the machine.

The length and diameter when peeling are more important parameters. When using 8 feet wood debarker machine, the length of the log should be controlled within the length that the machine can accommodate. If the wood is too long, the wood must be divided into sections, but not too short. It is easy to cause the end faces of the logs at both ends of the wood to collide, which will cause serious damage to the end face, resulting in a section of the end face being unusable and causing waste. Therefore, the length of the log should be appropriate to reduce the impact of the log in the peeling machine so that the end face will not be damaged too much.

The 8 feet log debarker machine is a commonly used equipment in wood processing. In use, in addition to using the machine according to its parameters, it is also necessary to operate the 8 feet log debarker machine safely.

Operators need to be trained and familiar with the equipment. Do not drink alcohol before work to avoid danger during work. Before working on the 8 feet log debarker machine, check the safety facilities of the equipment and find that the damaged machine parts should be repaired or replaced in time.

Items that are not related to the equipment should not be placed on the equipment. Make sure that the processed wood is free of nails or similar items. If necessary, remove them before processing.

The amount of wood should be appropriate. If it is too large, it will cause overload and stall. If there is a blockage, you cannot enter it by hand or other items. You need to stop immediately before removing it.

During the production process, if the equipment has abnormal conditions, stop the power supply and remove the fault. Do not operate during equipment operation to avoid danger.

     Lubricate the running parts of the machine every day. The 8 feet log debarker machine produces frictional heat and friction loss during the production process. Moderate friction is the normal operation of a machine, but excessive friction is extremely detrimental to the machine. During the operation of the log debarker machine, if it finds that the operation is slow, abnormal sounds and other abnormal phenomena, it should be shut down and inspected in time. After using the machine for a period of time, it should be regularly maintained and moderately maintained. The use of lubricating oil can effectively maintain the machine.

The main function of lubricating oil is to reduce friction on mechanical equipment and protect liquid or semi-solid lubricants of machinery and processing parts. How to use the lubricating oil of the skin rounder?

When the surface of the friction surface is rough, a high viscosity oil should be used, otherwise a low viscosity lubricating oil should be used. For non-liquid friction, such as variable load, uneven speed, or frequent start and stop, a large viscosity should be used. Lubricating oil; the greater the pressure per unit area, the greater the viscosity of the lubricating oil; for institutions prone to non-liquid friction, such as variable load, unequal speed, or frequent start and stop, should use a lubricant with a larger viscosity .

The 8 feet rounding finding machine has been well maintained, which can effectively extend the service life of the machine. After the operation is completed, the equipment is allowed to idle for two minutes before stopping.




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