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Troubles and trouble shooting methods of unevenness of veneer

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Compared with other peeling machines, the veneer peeling machine has a relatively thin peeling degree, high productivity, less damage to wood, simple and convenient operation, and is favored by the wood industry. There are many types of veneer peeling machines, such as: 4 feet veneer peeling machine , 6 feet veneer peeling machine and so on, but sometimes there are also some problems that hinder the machine. Next, I will introduce the cause of unevenness and troubleshooting methods

Cause of unevenness:

  1.  the straightness of the veneer peeling machine knife is out of tolerance. 


2. mechanical run-out of the single roller or the run-out of double rollers exceeds the specified value.

3. the feeding pressure is too big.

4. The log is curved, and the log diameter is small.

5. The difference of density and moisture content between the south-facing side and north facing side of logs is very series.


Troubleshooting methods:

1. If the straightness is out of tolerance, change a veneer peeling machine knife with the straightness of high precision, and grind the removed cutter to guarantee its straightness not exceeding the tolerance.


2. If the roller bearing is damaged or the radial clearance is too large, the run-out of rollers will exceed the tolerance, and if the roller shaft head is deformed,  the run-out will exceed the regular value also. If the rollers or the bearings are damaged, you should replace it or correct it according to the damage.


3. If the height of the rotary veneer peeling machine knife is too low, or the seam between the knife blade and knife base is too small, these illegal operations will cause the pressure on the logs exceeding the standard range. Overlarge pressure might cause irregular deformation of the logs and directly affect the flatness of the veneer. Therefore, when you install the peeling knife, you should carefully read the tool position measurement method, and install the peeling blade correctly step by step according to operating manual.


4. If the logs are small and curved, the intense pressure of the rollers will straighten the logs forcibly; then the log will be peeled. After the logs were peeled into veneers, then inner tension will make the surfaces shrink, and the unevenness appears. If the wood is not straight enough, you can cut it to a small length for the veneer.


5. During the growth of the trees or the storage after harvesting, there will always be one side facing the sunshine, and the other side can not meet the sunlight. These will cause the density and the moisture content of these two sides being different. If the difference between the two sides is huge, the peeled veneer will be unevenness, so the raw material selection and wood storage are very important for flatness veneer.






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