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Two factors affecting CNC veneer peeling machine

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veneer peeling lathe

The cutting speed of the CNC veneer peeling machine can directly affect the quality and output of the panels produced by the plywood manufacturers, which is very important for the panel manufacturers. However, in the process of using the veneer peeling lathe, there will be two factors that have a certain impact on its rotary cutting speed.

1. When the moisture content of the wood is below the fiber saturation point, the cutting force decreases, and the rotary cutting speed of the rotary veneer peeling lathe increases, so the cutting force decreases with the increase of the moisture content. When the rake angle of the veneer peeling lathe decreases, the deformation of the chips increases, so the resistance to overcome the deformation increases, that is, the cutting speed of the veneer peeling lathe decreases. The cutting force will also vary with the angle between the cutting direction and the fiber direction. Among the three basic cutting directions, the end cutting force is larger, the longitudinal cutting force is the second, and the transverse cutting force is smaller.

        2. In the high-speed rotary cutting of the veneer peeling lathe, the blade is in direct contact with the wood, which will generate considerable cutting resistance and friction. Therefore, the veneer peeling machine manufacturer tells us that the veneer peeling lathe knife is one of the factors that affect the working efficiency of the veneer peeling lathe Big factor. After the CNC face veneer peeling machine is used for a period of time, the peeling knife will become dull or dull, which not only affects the work efficiency but also affects the product quality in serious cases. Therefore, the following things need to be paid attention to when using it. Up:

       1. During the grinding process of the rotary knife of the rotary cutter, the grinding wheel should be trimmed with the grinding wheel cutter frequently to prevent clogging.

       2. Before grinding the rotary knife of the veneer peeling lathe, clean the front and back of the rotary knife, check and eliminate the defects such as edge curling, unevenness, and so on.

       3. When uniform burrs appear on the cutting edge, stop feeding and continue grinding back and forth. After the grinding wheel exits the rotary knife, the machine can be stopped, and the knife can be removed for oil knife operation.

       4. The rotary knife is installed on the sharpening frame, the cutting edge should be straight and the relative position with the grinding wheel should be correct. The pressing force should be even, and the pressing should start from the middle, and then all nails in order. When adjusting the flatness of the cutting edge, it should be adjusted when the middle is slightly tight and the two sides are loosely pressed. The pressure plate shall not be forcibly adjusted when it is pressed.

       5. The coolant in the blade sharpening of the veneer peeling lathe should be appropriate, and it is not allowed to stop suddenly or stop spraying coolant.

In addition to the influence of the rotary cutter, the cutting speed of the veneer peeling lathe is also related to the thickness of the tree and the part to be cut. The cutting speed of the rotary cutter will increase as the thickness of the wood is reduced. The mechanical properties of wood are related to moisture content.




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