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Using veneer peeling machine four principles

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With the repaid development of wood-based panel technology,  the maximum log diameter that can be peeled by spindle-less veneer peeling machine is up to 600 mm, the spindle less peeling machine is more broadly used in wood veneer production. Comparing with spindle rotary cutting machine, the price of a spindle-less peeling machine is much lower;and after the spindle rotary peeling, the diameter of the residual wood core would be 200 mm or more, however only 30 mm from the spindle-less peeling machine. In most circumstance, if the diameters of logs are not so big, the spindle-less peeling machine is the best choice.


Though the automation of the spindle-less peeling machine is fairly high, there are still some principles should be abiding by veneer peeling factories. The following are four primary principles:


1. According to more than 30 years of experience, the numerical value of the residue should be not lower than 30 mm. Though many veneer peeling machine manufacturers declare that their wood core residue can reach 25 mm, this mainly refers to some specified log species. Sometimes when the value is lower than 30 mm, the peeling machine will be damaged because of rollers collision.


2. When setting the halt value, the upper limit of the set value cannot exceed the maximum stroke of the device, and the lower limit cannot be less than the set value of the remaining wood core. Otherwise the machine will not work.

 veneer peeling machine CS-8D21S21G11-2_看图王

3. This machine is only designed for the rotary cutting of wood logs. It should be used within the scope of use specified by the technical characteristics. Please don’t use it to cut other materials, such as rubber, plastic. Some manufacturers tried to cut plastic before, not only the plastic is severely deformed, but also the peeling machine was damaged.


4. After use, remove all the waste around the peeling machine. In the using process, many wastes are produced too. If you don’t clean it after use, the waste will pill up; maybe it would bring the stuck of the device. What’s more, the moisture in it will shorten the service time of the machine.


These principles are not only constraints but also the guarantee for a high-efficiency running veneer peeling machine.




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