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Veneer peeling machine requirements

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veneer peeling machine

   Wood veneer peeling machine is one of the important equipment in the production of plywood. Wood veneer peeling machine processes wood into layers of veneer, and then splicing and gluing. Make full and reasonable use of wood and improve wood properties. The CNC spindleless wood  veneer peeling machine equipment not only improves the quality and accuracy of veneer production, but also improves the degree of production efficiency and automation. The following introduces the issues to be paid attention to during operation and use.

First of all, the user is required to stand on the side of the rotary veneer cutting machine. After the rotary veneer cutting machine is started, do not stand in the stroke range of the rotary veneer peeling machine ; adjust the size of the wood. After entering the machine, you cannot adjust the speed of the machine. Can't be too fierce. Logs with curved wood will also spin out intermittently broken veneers.

When the rotary cutting machine is running, it is not allowed to wipe the rotary veneer cutting machine or lubricate the equipment. If the above operations are required, the rotary cutting machine should be stopped. Before turning on the rotary cutter, check whether the equipment parts are safe and ensure that there are no hidden dangers. Ensure that the components are installed correctly. The operator should be familiar with the keyboard operation process. Do not place useless items on the device. Use a small wooden shaft to remove the residue after processing. Do not fiddle with your hands. Check the switch of the feed station regularly to avoid collision. Accidents, it is forbidden to modify equipment to process other products without permission.

To check the operation status of the rotary veneer peeling lathe, and whether the components of the rotary veneer peeling machine are installed correctly, after the rotary cutting is completed, use a wooden stick and other tools to remove the remaining wooden shaft on the rotary cutter. Remember not to take it by hand to avoid danger.

The prevention of woodworking machinery accidents cannot be ignored. The machine itself must have effective braking devices, safety protection devices and dust extraction devices, and externally running parts must be equipped with protective covers to prevent accidental contact and danger.

When using, ensure that the cutting of the rotary veneer peeling machine does not produce harmful vibration. Some woodworking equipment is used to feed by hand. When the wood is pushed in by hand, if the wood has knots or bends, it will easily hurt the hand. Pay attention to safety when feeding wood. Properly feed according to the speed of the machine to prevent the wood from bouncing and hurting people. The knife shaft and electrical appliances must have interlocking devices, so that when installing or replacing tools, even if you press the power button by mistake, it will not Rotating the tool effectively prevents danger. The bearings on the cutter shaft and the mandrel rotate at high speed, and the axial clearance should be too large. Pay attention to the danger during operation.

There are often safety accidents due to improper operation, which cannot be prevented after the danger occurs. To develop a good operating habit, Changsheng Machinery reminds you that safe production will result in high efficiency.

The working knife shaft speed of the woodworking equipment used is generally very high, with large inertia and difficult braking. Some people often brake with their hands or sticks in order to stop the machine quickly, which is very dangerous and easy to get hurt.

Rotary veneer cutting machine has high rotation speed, high cutting noise and large vibration, which leads to high strength of workers and easy to produce fatigue, which are easy to cause operator error and cause injury.

The main points to prevent accidents are as follows:

Rotary veneer cutting equipment must have reliable braking devices and safety protection devices;

During use, it must be ensured that the tool will not produce harmful vibration at any cutting speed;

The rotating part of the machine must be equipped with a protective cover;

The knife shaft and electrical appliances must have interlocking safety devices so that when the tool is installed or replaced, the tool will not be rotated by pressing the power button by mistake.

It is necessary to improve fire prevention measures, because it involves processing wood, and wood is a substance that is liable to catch fire. Therefore, it is necessary to have perfect fire prevention measures in such places as transporting wood materials, processing workshops, and waste storage.

For irritating and flammable substances, the process should be completed in a separate workshop, and protective equipment and fire equipment are provided. The conveyor belt under the ground should be covered with a protective plate. The surface of the metal plate should be non-slip. The storage location of sawdust and waste should not be located in the factory building. It should be placed in an open space outside the factory building.

Adhering to the business philosophy of "survive by quality, develop by innovation", Changsheng Machinery builds high-quality plywood production equipment such as log debarker machines and veneer peeling machines for users.

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