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Rotary Face Veneer Peeling Making Machine 8 Feet Spindle-less

8 feet Spindleless veneer peeling machine is used for make veneer .
  • CS-8D2S2G11K
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8 feet spindle less rotary  face veneer peeling making machine 

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8 feet rotary cutting machine

plywood making machine

plywood making machine veneer peeling machine

This machine is connected by position button, no welding point. This makes the machine more stable and more durable. As well as the produced veneers are with higher accuracy, the accuracy would be 15 percent higher than common machine.

Technical Parameters

Power of Single Roller Motor KW 7.5*2
Power of Double Roller Motor KW 7.5*2
Power of Screw Feeding Motor KW 11(servo motor)
Power of Clipper Motor KW 5.5(servo motor)
Power of Rubber Roller Motor KW 4
Total Power KW 50.5
Roller Reducer
R87 Helical Gear   Reducer
Screw Feeding Reducer
R87   Helical Gear Reducer
Clipper Reducer
Rubber Roller Reducer
Diameter of roller MM 200/300
Peeling Knife Size MM (L)2700*(W)140*(T)12.7
Max. Log Length MM 2700
Max. Log Diameter MM 650
Min. Last Core Diameter MM 30
Veneer Output Speed M/MIN 20-100(Adjustable Speed)
Veneer Thickness MM 0.3-4.0
Machine Size MM (L)6750*(W)2200*(H)1900
Machine Weight KG 15000
Suitable For
Eucalyptus, hybrid wood, etc.

Can be customized according to customer requirements.

1,Use cylinder to hit wood core

2.Alloy lead screw and zinc based alloy nut

3.Easy adjust knife seam function and convenient disassembly

4.The peeled veneer is smooth on both sides

5.Auto trimming function of residual tail plate,thickness error plus and minus 0.05mm

6.Advanced control system and core technology.

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