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Veneer peeling machines causes of noise in shaftless

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There are many kinds of plywood machines, and veneer peeling machines are an important type of plywood machine. There are many types of veneer peeling machine, and a spindle-less veneer peeling machine is one of them. In the process of using this rotary cutting machine, noise is easy to occur, so what is the main reason for this noise?

(1) The spindle is not tightened, the spindle loosening will produce axial forward and backward turbulence, the pressure roller swings obviously, the mechanical noise is greatly vibrated, and the work is difficult (need to tighten the spindle tail butterfly spring and the round nut).

(2) The coupling is unbalanced, there is a deviation between the height and the low, the machine will vibrate, and the gear shaft oil seal is easy to damage (the coupling must be calibrated to the horizontal line).

(3) The ring die is blocked, or only part of the die hole is discharged. In the ring mold, foreign matter enters, the ring mold is out of round, the gap between the pressure roller and the die is too tight, and the pressure roller is worn or the roller bearing is damaged and cannot be rotated, which will cause mechanical vibration (check or replace the ring die and adjust the pressure roller gap).

(4) One problem that is likely to occur with a card-spinning machine is the noise of the bearing in the continuous temperature rise and the part of the bearing. The reason for this problem must be fixed. The rotor of the motor and the rotor of the wood powder machine are not the same, which will cause the bearing to bear additional load shock, which will lead to overheating of the bearing, which will cause the bearing to emit a lot of noise during continuous heating.

     There is no noise in the spindle-less rotary cutting machine. We need to place the machine on a flat place and place it on the concrete floor as much as possible. Because some parts of the spindle-less rotary cutting machine will be noisy due to the inclination of the equipment; Explain that it is necessary to add lubricating oil to the spindle-less rotary cutting machine at regular intervals, especially between the large axles. After adding lubricating oil, the noise can also be reduced.




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