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Ways to improve the work of log debarker machine

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log debarker

What is the main function of the woodworking log debarker machine? It is an important machine for plywood production line. So what are the characteristics of the wood debarker machine?

1. The operation of the log debarker machine is not high on the technical requirements of the workers. One peeling machine can supply two veneer peeling  machines to work normally, eliminating the original manual peeling and rounding work.

2. The scientific and reasonable configuration of the hydraulic power station adopts the manual self-resetting directional valve, which has quick response, simple operation and convenient maintenance.

3. After the mechanical experiments, the power is reasonably allocated, which saves unnecessary waste of power for users and saves production costs.

4. Increasing the diameter of single and double rolls to increase the speed of large skin.

5. Single and double rollers are chrome-plated to improve the abrasion resistance of the rollers. After multiple experiments and theoretical combination, the surface of the drum adopts a straight-line groove, which makes the veneer not easily entangled with the drum, which improves the production efficiency.

6. Reasonable and precise cooperation of each transmission part to ensure the continuity and reliability of the equipment.

7. The biggest feature is the use of hydraulic feed mechanism, rapid feed and retract, and the feed pressure can be adjusted and displayed to adapt to peeling and rounding of different woods.

In the process of using the log debarker machine(round finding machine), if the production efficiency is unstable, it is likely to be affected by the following three factors:

1. The quality of the selected wood is not good, which will affect the working efficiency of the hydraulic round finding machine, such as the bending of the wood. The curvature of the selected wood will seriously affect the work, which affects the working efficiency of the hydraulic log debarker machine. Therefore, pay attention to the curvature of the wood when selecting the wood to prevent the wood from contacting with the teeth and cannot be separated. The specified greater degree of curvature is eight percent.

2. Humidity of wood. Generally, the selected wood should be dried for a few days before being peeled. This can achieve good results. Wood with high humidity will seriously affect the effect of clean skin and also affect work efficiency.

3. The power of the machine, the more important point is to find the technical parameters of the machine provided by the round machine manufacturer during production. You can choose the machine that suits you according to your needs.

Wood debarker machine is one of the main equipment for plywood production. If you want to improve the working efficiency of wood debarker machine, the wood debarker machine manufacturer recommends the following three points:

  1. Proper and proper maintenance of the equipment can improve the efficiency of the wood debarker machine. The maintenance of the equipment of the wood debarker machine needs to adhere to the principle of both maintenance and prevention. According to the different performance and use requirements of the equipment, daily overhaul, intermediate repair, minor repair work and other emergency repairs are performed.

  2. The easy-wearing parts of the log wood debarker machine include the feed screw, nut, clamping shaft and sleeve of the knife holder, the main slideway and slider, the scale holder and the knife holder. The wear of these parts will reduce the accuracy of the equipment and affect the quality of the board. For example, the thickness of the board is uneven, uneven, wavy, and the board is rough and damaged. Therefore, we need to carry out timely inspection on the parts that often have problems.

  3. It is necessary to check the power supply control line to ensure the normal operation of the log debarker motor. To ensure the normal operation of the log debarker machine, the log debarker asks the automatic retract tool. If it cannot, shut down the machine and solve the retreat and repair circuit. The problem of retracting the knife is well handled, and the maintenance of the log debarker machine can improve the efficiency of the log debarker.




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