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What to do if the veneer thickness is uneven

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veneer peeling machine

Plywood machine rotary cutting machine is the main equipment for producing plywood. After the plate is made by a rotary cutting machine, it can be processed into a piece of furniture. However, the surface of the rotary cutting machine sometimes has uneven thickness and influence. The quality of the board. So what should we do in this situation?

      1.   Measure whether the size of the ends of the wood core is the same. If they are the same, it is because the incision of the rotary cutter is inconsistent. When the tail plate is thin, the height of the knife is adjusted to be higher than the actual thickness to be cut by 0.2 mm. If it is a tail plate roll, the height of the knife is lowered, and the difference is also 0.2mm from the actual required thickness.

      2. We want to see if the gate is too big or too small.

      3. The reason for the knife bed is that the feed is uneven.

      4. Check if the single roller is concentric, and observe whether the gap between the single roller and the knife changes during the operation of the machine. Under normal circumstances, there is no change.

      These are several aspects that should be checked for uneven thickness of the skin of the plywood veneer peeling  machine. Therefore, when we are using the rotary cutter, do not worry about this situation, and do not blindly repair the machine. You can check the above aspects first.




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