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veneer drying

These are related to the veneer drying news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in veneer drying and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand veneer drying market.
  • Structure of veneer dryer
    Structure of veneer dryer
  • Overview of Veneer Dryer
    Veneer dryer is a kind of plywood machine, is a continuous veneer drying equipment, is also an indispensable equipment for plywood manufacturer At present, the most widely used veneer dryers are mainly mesh belt type veneer dryer and roller type veneer dryer. Because the circulation of hot air is di
  • Technical requirements of veneer dryer
    The veneer dryer is a very important machine in the plywood production line. The main function is to remove excess water from the veneer and produce high-quality plywood. Therefore, choosing a high-quality veneer dryer is very important for plywood manufacturers. Today we first understand the techni
  • Veneer drying method
    In the manufacture of plywood, the moisture content of the veneer after rotary cutting is very high. If the veneer is directly glued without drying, the time of hot pressing will increase during the hot pressing process, and the plywood produced is also prone to bulging. Can not even glue, reduce ou
  • Method for preventing veneer deformation
    The quality of veneer production determines the quality of plywood. Therefore, the production of veneer is often important in the production of plywood. In addition to the veneer rotary cutting, the veneer drying of the veneer is also a very critical link. Let ’s take a look at the problems that ari
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