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veneer peeling machine causes and solutions for the wear

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veneer peeling machine

  Veneer peeling machine is one of the important machines for plywood production. During the process of using CNC veneer peeling machine, some wear will occur. The main causes of wear and tear are:

1. Since the logs are not round and the thickness is not uniform, the rotary cutting is discontinuous, and a part of the broken veneers cannot be used;

2. The loss caused by the chuck of the card rotary cutting machine to the two ends of the wood causes the cutter of the rotary cutter to become dull, the cutting speed is reduced, and the quality of the plate is affected;

      3. Wood core loss, the scrap produced by veneer cutting is broken veneer and wood core, resulting in waste of wood resources.

      To prevent this from happening, it is recommended to take the following methods: 

      Rotary cutting machine should process different kinds of wood. Long-term rotary cutting causes loss of tools and machines, and reduces the service life of the machine. In addition to regular maintenance and maintenance of the machine, we must do the right thing. Check the structure of each component. During operation, check whether the feed screw or nut wears the tool holder loosely. The wear between the clamp shaft and the bushing will loosen the shaft, causing the thickness of the veneer to be inconsistent. The knife door should not be too narrow or the tool holder should be too high. Adjust the tightness of the belt and the chain. Check whether the condition of each part is good. Lubricate the parts regularly. Adjust the thickness of the cutting before operation. Do not adjust and do not adjust the parameters after starting. It is also not possible to perform load operation. Proper use and maintenance of plywood machines can increase machine life and increase work efficiency.




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