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About the veneer stacker

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veneer stacker


The veneer stacker is a machine used in the plywood industry. Veneer stacker is usually used after  veneer rotary cutting machine . The automatic veneer stacker (take-up) machine uses a chain mechanical operation, automatic ear insertion, automatic feeding during operation, and spray-synthesis. The use in wood processing is very popular with users. We need to understand its working principle even more.

  The plates are stacked flat on the bracket, the cylinder with the vacuum suction cup is extended, suck the bottom and pull it down and place it on the working surface of the guide rail; the chain runs forward, the bracket rod on the guide rail gradually folds the front small surface back, Running, rotating ears into place during mechanical movement. It is transported from the vertical packaging machine to the conveyor horizontally. During operation, the hot melt adhesive is sprayed on both sides, and the small surfaces on both sides are gradually folded down and compressed. The hot melt adhesive is solidified, and the packaged molded board is output.

Automatic veneer stacker machine is a high-tech product integrating machine, electricity, gas and light. Its use in the plate production industry is well recognized. It can be used alone or in conjunction with other plywood production equipment to form a complete production line, which greatly improves Processing efficiency of plates.

The machine structure of the veneer stacker is different. Each board retractor with a different structure has a different use effect. The first-level feeding mechanism is a very important part of it, and it has a very large impact on the application of the board retractor.

The use of a veneer stacker can effectively improve production efficiency and reduce the labor intensity of production personnel. The composition of his equipment is critical. From left to right, a first-level feeding mechanism, a distribution mechanism, a second-level silence mechanism, a drop mechanism, and a finished plate output mechanism are arranged in order. The first-level feeding mechanism mentioned here includes a feeding rack disposed laterally and obliquely, and a first photocell and a second photocell arranged symmetrically on both sides of the feeding rack.

In addition, the material distribution mechanism of the automatic veneer stacker machine includes a material distribution rack, a feeding shaft, a plate turning device and a broken plate conveyor belt. These are all things we need to understand. Pay attention to them in use to better display the plate. Machine performance.

In the production and application of high-speed veneer machines, the reflow soldering process is also very important, which also has a great impact on the performance and application of the board-receiving machines. How do we deal with this process problem? Let's take a closer look.

 The reflow soldering technology of the winder is no stranger in the field of electronics manufacturing. The components on the various boards used in our computer are soldered to the circuit board by this process. There is a heating circuit inside this device. The nitrogen is heated to a sufficiently high temperature and blown to the circuit board where the components have been pasted, so that the solder on both sides of the component is melted and bonded to the motherboard. The advantage of this process is that the temperature is easy to control and oxidation can be avoided during the welding process Manufacturing costs are also easier to control.

The above process is also used in the production of our high-speed veneer stacker, which can ensure a better application effect of the winder and increase the application life of the winder.

High-quality product quality and considerate customer service are the most significant responsibility of Changsheng Wood Machinery to each customer. Our company provides customers with 24-hour service. Companies' adhering to the "quality of survival, innovation and development" business philosophy: our equipment has been exported to Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Gabon and other more than 30 countries, and has won wide recognition and praise from the customers.

Every Changsheng people firmly believes that 'creating value for customers' is creating value for ourselves. We believe that in the days coming, we will achieve a better tomorrow together with our customers.




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