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Board quality

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The quality of plywood is related to the quality of the veneer. So how to judge the quality of plywood veneer? The quality standards for evaluating the veneer are as follows: the thickness deviation of the veneer, the cracks on the back of the veneer, the smoothness of the back of the veneer and the tensile strength of the veneer transverse grain. The first two standards are more important. Because the more cracks on the back of the veneer, the deeper the roughness of the surface of the veneer, and the worse the tensile strength. The method of measuring these two indicators is very simple, you can use a measuring instrument, and it is more convenient to apply in production.

plywood making machine

Rotary cutting machine is a kind of plywood making machine, is a machine mainly producing veneer. In theory, the thickness of the veneer produced by the veneer peeling machine(veneer rotary cutting machine) is the same, but in actual production, due to the impact of the rotary cutting conditions, the structure of the tree and the accuracy of the machine equipment, the thickness of the veneer will have some differences. The deviation of the veneer thickness will affect the later plywood production.

Let me talk about the accuracy and cutting of the rotary cutting machine: the thin veneer is rotary cut. If the precision of the rotary cutting machine itself is very poor, then the single veneer that meets the requirements cannot be rotated. Therefore, when choosing a rotary cutting machine, choose according to your actual production requirements.

The rigidity of the processed logs is poor. During the rotary cutting, the knife holder is deformed or the wood section is bent, so that the quality of the processed veneer will be poor.

During the rotary cutting, the wood section has a reaction force on the knife holder, which will cause the knife holder and the pressure beam to deform and change the rotary cutting conditions.

In order to avoid this situation, our rotary cutting machine will be equipped with a cylinder, using air pressure to ensure the pressure and ensure the quality of the veneer.

The process conditions are generally the heat treatment temperature of the wood section, the moisture content, the grinding of the rotary cutter and the installation position. These important parameters must be adjusted before turning to produce high-quality veneers.

In order to ensure the use effect of the rotary cutting machine, the vulnerable parts of the rotary cutting machine should be repaired and maintained in time.




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