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Cutter grinder machine

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cutter grinder machine

The cutter grinder is mainly used for grinding tools, generally used for finishing metal cutting tools. It adopts automatic feed, which improves the degree of automation, reduces labor intensity and improves efficiency. The sharpened blade has straight lines and higher strength, which makes the blade life and processing ability stronger. The cutter grinder machine is simple to use and operate, the sharpened tool has a straight edge and higher strength. It also has great benefits to the service life and processing capacity of the tool, and increases the service life and processing capacity of the blade. The cutter grinder machine has a wide range of use, beautiful appearance and novel structure. It can be used to grind tools of various diameters, shapes and angles. It is a supporting equipment in machine tool processing.

When using the cutter grinder machine, put the knife on the knife table first, and the knife should be protruded about 0.5-1.0MM, and the top wire can be used for fine adjustment. Turn on the magnetization switch of the electromagnetic device button to make the knife stick to the knife table. Adjust the position of the angle of the grinding wheel and the blade. If there is contact between the blade and the grinding wheel, you can gently turn the feed handwheel to increase the interval. Turn on the power and press the power switch, then the knife grinder enters the working state; turn the knife feed handwheel to push the blade inward slowly and uniformly until it contacts the grinding wheel, and adjust the tightness of the contact between the blade and the grinding wheel to the right position.

Maintenance method of cutter grinder machine

As a precision equipment, the knife grinder should be maintained frequently during use. The track should be frequently lubricated. It should be cleaned after each grinding. The grinding wheel should be replaced in time if the grinding wheel is broken. Regularly check the operation of the equipment.

The track plate of the knife grinder should be lubricated frequently to keep it lubricated; the machine should be inspected after each work is completed; if the grinding wheel is broken or notched, it can no longer be used, replace it with a new one, and check the sharpener regularly. Operating conditions.

There is metal dust on the surface of the screw of the cutter grinder machine, which can be cleaned with kerosene and then lubricated to prevent rust or damage. When sharpening the knife, the feed amount should not be too large, and no brutal operation is allowed. The scrapped tools should be put into the waste box, and it is strictly forbidden to discard them at will. Turn off the machine after the operation is completed.

Pay attention to the following points when installing the cutter grinder machine

1. The installation of the cutter grinder machine should be stable to prevent vibration, the fasteners should be connected firmly, and the rotation of the sharpener should be stable to prevent jumping and swinging. Otherwise, the blade will not be sharpened, and serrated edges will appear.

2. The sharpening disc should be perpendicular to the horizontal plane, otherwise the blade will not be sharpened.

3. The position of the tool grinder should be 6 mm away from the disk surface, in the middle of the radius of the disk surface. The position of the tool grinder is incorrect, which may easily cause partial wear of the blade. The length of the boom also affects, and shortens the sharpening stroke, and the blade cannot be sharpened.

4. For mechanical drive type cutter grinder machine, the V-belt should be properly tensioned and the sharpener should reach the rated speed. The low speed of the sharpening disc affects the sharpening effect.

There are many reasons for the problem of the cutter grinder machine, but it is mainly caused by operating errors, so it is very important to master the correct and effective operating method. Do not feed too much during operation, and turn off the power when leaving the machine. When it is out of service, lubricate the parts of the track plate, clean the equipment in time after each use, and replace the grinding wheel in time if the grinding wheel is broken.




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