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Automatic 4 Feet Wood Veneer Peeling Machine

This rotary cutter can be used to cut softwood and hardwood. Rotary cutting logs are less than 500 mm in diameter, and the speed of rotary cutting is adjustable.
Machine Size( MM):
Veneer Output Speed( M/MIN):
Veneer Thickness (MM):
  • CS-4D2S2G11-R

  • Changsheng

  • 8465960000

Automatic 4 Feet Wood Veneer Peeling Machine

rotary veneer peeling machine


4 feet veneer peeling machine


      This machine is used for the high speed rotary cutting of various hardness logs,the peeled veneers are with high flatness and evenness.This machine is the main model of exporting.

      The maximum log length that can be processed is 1500mm

      The largest log diameter that can be processed is 500mm (600mm can be customized)

      The production speed is 40-100m/min

plywood veneer peeling machine

Product Description

4 Feet Spindle Less High Speed Venner Peeling Machine 04

       Spindleless veneer peeling machine is one of the equipment for producing plywood. It is suitable for continuous cutting of the remaining wood core with a spindle veneer peeling machine, and can also be used for wood with a diameter less than 700 mm. The advantages of the 4-foot card-free rotary cutting machine are as follows: 1. The thickness of the processed wooden board is uniform and the surface is smooth; 2. The structure is reasonable and the operation and maintenance are convenient; 5, artificial technology is not high, in the normal peeling machine, the error is within 0.1mm.

plywood veneer peeling machine

Indian red eucalyptus, hardwood, speed 100 m / min

wood core transmission machine

      Rotary cutting machine can be used with wood core conveyor to transfer and collect the remaining wood core

plywood veneer peeling machine

plywood veneer peeling machine

plywood veneer peeling machine

plywood veneer peeling machine


Presale service

1.Make reliable pratical mechine list and production proposal free of charge, according to customers' actual situation

2.Design the machine free of charge, according to customer's production line and production cost,

3. Make the workshop and production line layout free of charge, according to customers' factory land

Medium-sales service

1.Video for the manufacturing process as customers requirement

2.Machine modifying according customers' suggestion

3.Order the shipment and prepare the documents for customers' clearance, according to customers' custom requirement

After-sale services

1.One year warranty for main machine, cost price for vunerable parts

2.Experienced engineer is avaiable for the machine installation and worker training

Company Information


       High-quality product quality and considerate customer service are the most significant responsibility of Changsheng Wood Machinery to each customer. Our company provides customers with 24-hour service. Companies' adhering to the "quality of survival, innovation and development" business philosophy: our equipment has been exported to Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Gabon and other more than 30 countries, and has won wide recognition and praise from the customers.

          Every Changsheng people firmly believes that 'creating value for customers' is creating value for ourselves. We believe that in the days coming, we will achieve a better tomorrow together with our customers.

 plywood veneer production line

        Our main products are veneer peeling machine, log debarking machine, veneer stacking machine, peeling knife sharpening machine and veneer dryer and other related equipment. And our company can provide customers with a complete set of plywood production solutions according to customer needs.







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