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Face Mask Machine Spunbond Nonwoven Production Line

This machine is used for the production of non-woven spunbond fabrics made of polypropylene spunbond, spun draft, composite web, hot-rolled reinforcement
Main machine weight:
Total installed capacity:
  • CS-FZBS01

  • Changsheng

Face Mask Machine Spunbond Nonwoven Production Line

 Spunbond Nonwoven Production Line

 Spunbond Nonwoven Production Line

This machine is used for the production of non-woven spunbond fabrics made of polypropylene spunbond, spun draft, composite web, hot-rolled reinforcement. With polypropylene chips as the main raw materials, supplemented with color masterbatches and additives such as anti-oxidation, antistatic, flame retardant, etc., it produces polypropylene spunbond nonwovens with different colors and different properties to suit different purposes. Can be used in medical, health, agriculture, construction, geotechnical industries, as well as various disposable and durable materials for domestic and domestic use

         Spunbond Nonwoven Production Line

Process flow

Single S production line: polypropylene chip spunbond MFI (230 / 2.16) = 30 40g / 10min, and additives → suction, metering, mixing device → screw extruder → melt filter → metering pump, conveying → spinning Silk die and spinneret melt spinning machine → Cooling, drafting device → Diffusion, paving → Laying machine screen conveying → Hot rolling mill reinforcement → Winding machine rolls → Slitting machine cutting and packing.

    Face Mask Machine Spunbond Nonwoven Production Line

1.3Main technical parameters

Raw material: PP chip spunbond MFI (230 / 2.16) = 30 40g / 10min;

Product effective width 1.6 meters

Production capacity 1000 t / y (at 8000h / y, spunbond for fiber diameter above 30gsm and 2.0d)

Monofilament linear density spunbond 1.5 2.0dtex;

Product weight: 10 ~ 200g / m2

Process speed: 15 ~ 150m / min

Maximum roll diameter: 1.2m

Number of spinning devices: 1 set of spunbond;

Main machine dimension  (from steel platform to slitting machine length × width × height):


Main machine weight: about 68 tons

Total installed capacity about 380 kw

 Main components of equipment

The single S machine is mainly composed of S spunbond system, screen laying machine, hot rolling machine, winding machine, slitting and packaging machine, steel platform frame,

It consists of auxiliary equipment such as calciner, ultrasonic cleaning machine, engineering supporting equipment such as air-conditioning system, and electrical control system.

Plant requirements

Workshop height: 12 m for the front spinning section, 8 m span, 6 to 8 m for the rear spinning section. (Can be customized according to customer's plant).

Equipment installation diagram

Face Mask Machine Spunbond Nonwoven Production Line

Main components of the equipment:





Automatic suction and weighing machine



Screw extruder

Return material extruder



Melt filter



etering pumps



pinning box






Aluminum bellows



Upper drafter



Lower drafter



Network forming machine



Non-woven hot rolling mill



Winder high speed



Cold wind fan



Cold wind fan



Exhaust fan



Air-conditioning air cabinet



Cooling Tower



Air duct insulation



steel platform



Distribution Cabinet



Box oil furnace



Rolling mill oil furnace






ltrasonic cleaner



ouble-layer welding material pipe

Made by our company


Heat-conducting oil for roll forming machine



Distribution cabinet to equipment wires and trunking


Equipment detailed description


Loading system 1 set

Feeding system with screw metering

Maximum suction capacity of main material: maximum 380kg / hr; including suction vacuum pump, vacuum buffer tank, hopper, suction gun and suction pipeline; using touch screen control device; stainless steel pipeline for high suction strength hose.

Four-component feeding hopper, including two adding devices for adding masterbatch;


2.2 Main extruder 1set

The feed section of the extruder is equipped with a cast iron jacket for enhanced water circulation cooling.

The screw barrel and screw are made of high-strength nitrided steel, equipped with resistance heaters, divided into several heating zones containing a full set of electrical control devices, including power, temperature control, pressure control, etc., see the electrical control section for details.

Plasticizing capacity  max..380kg / hr

Screw diameter 135mm

Screw L / D ratio 30: 1

Speed adjustable AC motor power 90KW

Screw speed rpm 20-80rpm

Heating power 75KW


Auxiliary extruder (for recycled materials) 1 set

The screw barrel and screw are made of alloy steel, equipped with resistance heaters, divided into several heating zones containing a full set of electrical control devices, including power, temperature control, pressure control, etc., see the electrical control section for details.

Plasticizing capacity: guaranteed 20% online recycling capacity

Screw diameter 105mm

Screw aspect ratio 11: 1

Motor power 18.5KW

Screw speed rpm 110rpm

Heating power 18KW

Feed feeding motor 1.5KW



Hydraulic screen changer 1 set

200CC metering pump 1 set of pump supply: 200cc / r

Speed range 15 50r / min

Drag power 5.5kw (frequency conversion motor)

Operating temperature  ≤260℃


2.5 Spinning box  1 set

Each spinning box can distribute the melt symmetrically and isostatically to the melt. The melt pipelines are made of double sleeves, heated by thermal oil, the heating power of the thermal oil furnace is 48KW, and the maximum heating temperature is 250 degrees.

Both the box and the melt line are equipped with high-quality insulation materials. Spinneret CP-2110 2 sets

Spinning components, one use and one preparation, using imitation imported spinneret.

Each set of components includes: aluminum washers; distribution plate; multilayer stainless steel mesh, 30 filters are randomly distributed; spinneret contains about 11500 holes. The spinneret hole length to diameter ratio is equal to 4, the hole diameter is 0.45mm, and about 6500 holes / m.


2.6 Single suction device 1set

The air duct is made of stainless steel pipes, including pipes that are discharged to the outside, and the suction air is evenly distributed. Equipped with a variable frequency motor, the air volume can be adjusted, and the fan power is 5.5KW.

Air distribution plate: 3 layers

Number of windscreen filters: 80 mesh / inch Cooling air volume: 12000m3 / h

With double-sided air cooling, the cooling window can be removed when replacing components.

The maximum supply volume of cold wind is 12000 m3 / h,

the cold wind temperature 12-20. Cold air temperature can be controlled in closed loop.

Wind pressure  200pa, wind speed: 0.3-0.5M / s 1 set of  up and down drafting device

The drafter is divided into a drafting channel, a diffusion channel, a moving device, and a connection flange. It is made of stainless steel and can be adjusted.

Maximum draft air flow 12000 m3 / h, air temperature 20 ± 2 degrees, pressure 10-15KPA.

Total suction air: 24000 m3 / h, air temperature 20-30 degrees. Contains all plumbing and insulation.



Network forming machine (Including: precision-machined sturdy steel frame)

One moving mesh belt suitable for 2.25m wide original cloth. There are 2 mesh belts (one for each), and the mesh belt adopts double-hole connector. One  set of balanced and surface-operated guide rollers with automatic centering and continuous tension adjustment.

One set of variable frequency AC motor, used for drive the mesh belt.

One set of air extraction system, combined with steel structure frame design.

The speed of the exhaust fan is adjustable.


Total air volume: 24000 cubic meters / hour,

Inverter  Mitsubishi or Siemens inverter

fan power: 30KW

Contains exhaust air ducts, used for exhaust air to the outdoors.


2.8 Electrical System

The key electrical control components are imported from abroad, relays, contactors, etc. adopt Schneider's high-quality Sino-foreign joint venture electrical materials that have passed 3C certification to ensure the reliability of the electrical system. Device.

The touch screen (Siemens) and software are used to form a central control system for the equipment. 10-inch display.


The AC motor of the main extruder adopts the frequency conversion speed regulation circuit, which automatically controls the screw rotation speed by the pressure change. It has overload, overcurrent, overspeed and other protection devices, and the frequency converter regulates the spinning pump A.C motor. 5.5KW * 1


The belt speed A.C motor of the inverter regulates the speed and is synchronized with the hot rolling mill and winder. Variable frequency drive control of suction and draft fans.

A.C motor temperature control for inverter-regulated cooling air system: controlled by temperature control module

Instrumentation: includes temperature controller, including temperature upper / lower alarm


Pressure sensors and controllers. The entire production line has no less than 5 pieces of safety emergency stop buttons, the specific installation location is determined on site, and the extruder console.


2.9 Steel structure plus                 one set

Steel structure racks for spinning, cooling, drafting, net laying and other equipment, including operating platforms, handrails, steps, etc. The steel platform is designed, manufactured and installed by the seller; all are connected by screws, welding is not allowed


2.10  JG-1800 Type laying Screen

Machine net curtain width size: 2.45m

Net curtain length size: 10.5m

Net curtain air permeability: 10000m3 / h / m2

Speed range: 15 150m / min

Suction wind suction under the net

Main drive power: 11kw (frequency conversion motor)

Correction roller drag power: 0.37kw (hydraulic orrection)

Net curtain tensioning drag power: 0.37kw


2.11Double roll hot rolling mill   one set

Form of binding machine; vertical two-roll hot rolling mill, roll material: high-quality alloy steel 48crMO, roll specifications: 420 * 2450, the electrical system of the two-roll hot rolling mill includes electric drive, speed linkage control, communication, temperature control, emergency stop A complete set of control systems such as protection devices are provided by the seller, and the central control system interface provided must have the function of controlling the hot rolling mill. The lower roller adopts medium and high compensation, and it is equipped with a machine protective cover.


Technical indicators and requirements: AC motor frequency 60HZ frequency controlled by the inverter, mechanical speed 150m / min :, maximum operating temperature 200 °, product specifications 10g / m2-200g / m2, flower roller hardness HRC55-58, smooth roller hardness HRC57-60 ; Heating method: heat-conducting oil heating, roundness of rolls at normal temperature, straightness less than 0.03mm, axial runout ≤ 0.03mm. Rolling mill drive adopts universal joint drive: the motor uses a set of 22KW Siemens Bed, AC inverter motor with encoder.



Winder one set (new surface friction coiler)

The finished roll diameter can reach 1200mm

Driving roller surface width 2250mm

Winding speed 10m / min-150m / min

Winding machine motor (inverter motor 5 100HZ): 5.5kw AC inverter motor with encoder can set the length, fully automatic roll change: winding shaft: with steel winding shaft 4 pieces


Cross-cutting using a rodless pneumatic flying knife, a crane is connected between the winder and the slitter, and the anti-corrosion and wear-resistant rubber roller is used on the winding roll


2.13 High-speed unwinding device

1200mm diameter cloth roll unwinding from winder

Power of main drive motor 0.55kw

Unwinding speed of magnetic powder tension 10m/min-200m/min


2.14 JG-1800 slitting machine

Cutting material width 2250mm, 15 180g / m2

PP polypropylene non-woven slitting machine type: active unwinding, constant tension winding, manual correction

Machine speed 25 200m / min

Unwinding maximum diameter 1200mm

Rewinding maximum diameter 800mm

Touch roller width 2250mm

Slitting width min. 120mm max. 1600mm

Unwinding motor power 0.55. Magnetic powder tension

Winding motor power 5.5kw

Number of utility knives 5pieces

With length measuring device detection point, manual adjustment of slitting width, with ruler

air shafts 3root

The diameter (outer diameter) is 3 ″ (winding), and the unwinding shaft is the same as the cloth winding shaft used by the winding machine.

The material of the expansion block on the inflatable shaft is steel

Speed control form: AC frequency conversion speed regulation, active unwinding, constant tension control bearings adopt domestic high-quality brand

The drive side is on the right side facing the cloth exit direction.


2.15JG--600 type calcining furnace

Hearth size Ф 600 × 2350

Power 17kw / 380V (heating) performance parameters please refer to its product manual


2.16 JG25-2350 ultrasonic cleaning machine

Washing tank 2350 × 400 × 300mm,

Ultrasonic frequency 25KHz

Power 5kw / 220V (ultrasonic) + 3kw / 220V (heating)


2.17Air Conditioning System

Chiller power 37.5kw / 380V

Circulating water pump (chilled water pump + process cooling water pump) about 7.5KW+11KW

Cooling water circulation standby pump power 5.5kw

Face Mask Machine Spunbond Nonwoven Production Line

Face Mask Machine Spunbond Nonwoven Production Line

1.Delivery time:

120 working days. 

2.Installation and commission:

The seller will send engineers stay in 30 days for commissioning. 

The relevant charges such as salary US$100/person/day, visa and round way air-tickets will be borne by Buyer.

3..Guarantee :

12 month, lifelong service for customer. 





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