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How to buy a suitable veneer peeling line

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It is not easy to earn money, so the concept ‘A penny saved is a penny earned’ is somewhat reasonable. For plywood factories, it is the best choice to get the best equipment at the lowest cost. Today let me tell you how to get a suitable veneer peeling line with a low price.

 peeling line

The principle of buying a machine is stable performance and long service time. When people buy a veneer peeling line the target is to earn money by the production, a stable running peeling line can make good quality veneers continually, and people can earn money from it regularly; but if the line always breaks down, not only cost of repair will be very high, but also lead to the reduce of income. A stable running machine is rather significant in production. For example, one people buy a machine cost 10 dollars; his machine can last five years, the other people paid 20 dollars for a machine of 15 years. We all know that the plan 20 dollars for a 15-year machine is a better choice, but many people are misleading to an unsuitable idea. Any time, you get what you pay for is the constant truth. 

log debarker CS-4ZR90-1_看图王

When you choose a veneer production line, you need to ask yourself a few questions ahead:

What’s my raw material, log species dimension?

Which kind of veneer do I want to produce, face veneer or core veneer?

How many outputs do I want?

How much can I pay for the machines?

How long can I get back the investment?

I need a line with high automation or a line to employ more workers?


If you can answer these questions thoroughly, you have already known what you want to get.  According to the log species, you can make sure which kind of log debarker and veneer peeling machine you need. If the wood is very hard, you need a heavy-duty machine with a big motor for like acacia wood; For the softwood like poplar and cottonwood, you need a machine with conventional configurations. And if the logs are expensive, I think that you would not take it is core veneers, you will make it as face veneer, people know a face veneer is more valuable than core veneers.

The log dimension determines which kind of log sawing machine will be chosen. Depending on your log length, you should choose a different log sawing machine to cut the logs into a few standard sizes. According to the log diameter, you can decide to choose a machine with a spindle or a machine spindle-less.


If you are sure about which kind of veneer you want, in fact, you already know which type of machine you want, 4 feet 6 feet or 8 feet. Then you will know which part in the line is required and which part is unnecessary according to your budget.




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