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Method for adding lubricant to spindleless veneer peeling machine

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veneer peeling machine

We all know that the CNC veneer peeling machine is one of the machinery and equipment commonly used in wood processing enterprises. After being used for a period of time, the spindleless veneer peeling machine needs to be added with lubricant to ensure the normal operation of the machine. After daily use, remember to add lubricating oil to the CNC rotary cutting machine, regularly add oil and change oil to adjust the accuracy of the equipment. Pay attention to the methods and methods in the process of adding lubricant.

1. The higher the rotation or sliding speed of the rotary cutter, the lower the viscosity of the lubricant;

2. The higher the rotation or sliding speed of the spindle less veneer peeling machine, the lower the viscosity of the lubricant;

3. The surface of the friction surface is rough. Lubricating oil with a high viscosity should be used. Conversely, lubricating oil with a low viscosity should be used.

4. For institutions that are prone to non-liquid friction, such as variable load, unequal speed, or frequent start and stop, lubricating oil with larger viscosity should be used;

5. The greater the pressure per unit area, the greater the viscosity of the lubricant.

6. High working temperature, the viscosity of the oil used should be increased;

The above five points are the matters that must be paid attention to when adding lubricant to the spindle-less veneer peeling machine; in addition, pay attention to the fact that the rotary veneer cutting machine does not work when adding lubricant. Doing from many small details of life is the fundamental to improve the service life of CNC rotary cutting machine.

In the daily use of the CNC rotary cutting machine, we can pay attention to the following aspects:

1. Read the product manual carefully before using it, and fully understand the function and use of the rotary cutter before installing and debugging.

2. Please check all parts carefully before formal use. All the firmware should be locked and smooth when turning. Thirdly, the lubricating parts of the rotary cutter should be regularly filled with lubricating oil (except for the servo motor box, the other transmission boxes should be filled with grease).

3. The main drive system using a hydraulic shift fork must be shifted after the spindle is stopped.

By doing the above, professional maintenance and proper inspection of the rotary cutting machine can bring us greater benefits.

4. A series of repairs and maintenance are performed by professionals according to the technical parameters and detailed requirements of the CNC rotary cutting machine.

5. Make regular maintenance forms, and perform timely maintenance to plan ahead.

Any machine, no matter how intelligent it is, there will still be some danger when it is operated, so it must follow a series of rules when using it. Take the rotary cutter, for example. It is an indispensable woodworking machine, and the range of use is very frequent. So what should be paid attention to during the use of the rotary cutter? Let's take a closer look.

1. Before starting the rotary cutting machine, make sure that all components are installed correctly and there is no damage to the components. You should have a clear understanding of the functions of the operation buttons. All other objects (clothes, tools, etc.) that are not related to the machine should be removed from the machine.

2. When the voltage is 15% higher than the calibration voltage, do not power the rotary cutter. Failure to do so may cause damage to the electrical components.

3. During the rotation of the rotary cutting machine, it is not allowed to use maintenance tools and cleaning appliances for related operations, let alone reach the machine casually.

4. It is not allowed to change the content of the technical parameters of the inverter without permission, and it is not allowed to change the content of the technical parameters of the main control system. The fixed-point stop set value of the main control system shall meet the technical requirements for use.

Production not only pays attention to efficiency, but also pays attention to safety. Safety is the foundation and guarantee of everything, so the safety of using a veneer peeling machine is the most important.




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