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Plywood production machine: hot press machine

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Plywood hot press machine is the most crucial machine in plywood production. The pressure determines the mechanical character of the board, and the layers determine the output of the whole line.


As the most important machine in plywood production, the plywood hot press machine has a different structure, for like multi-layer hot press machine and short cycle hot press machine, longitudinal feeding hot press machine and transverse feeding hot press machine. The difference between the structure and pressure are brought by different usage. If you can not confirm to choose which kind of hot press, please consult professionals.


A good quality hot press machine should have flowing characteristics: 1. Stable running, the cylinder and hydraulic should no leakage after a period of work, the frame and the hot plate should be with durable and deformation characteristic. 2. the temperature should be evenness on the hot plate. 3. The pressure and temperature should be stable. 4. All the pipe connected to a hot press machine should have no leakage.


When the hot press machine has all the characteristics mentioned above, congratulations you get a good quality hot press machine. But if you want to have a better hot press machine, you need to add some auxiliary equipment to upgrade the hot press. The first extra machine is a simultaneous device, and this device is used for closing the hot plate at the same time. This device will minus the difference of the hot plate contact times of different layers, then lower the quality difference between different layers. The second auxiliary device is automatic loading cage and unloading cage, this machine is used for loading the plywood on the hot press machine at the same time, it will effectively minus the loading circles, improve the utilization of hot press machine, lower the waste heat. When the device is used with a simultaneous closing device, the heating time of different plywood will be the same, then the quality of different layer plywood will be the same.





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