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Problems in CNC automatic plywood edge trimming machine

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plywood edge trimming saw

In the era of rapid development of science and technology, manual production is gradually replaced by mechanized production. Here, we take a look at the advantages of fully Automatic plywood edge trimming machine in plywood production. The fully automatic plywood edge trimming machine can save time, labor and trouble. The automatic plywood edge trimming machine is also very simple to operate, and is deeply loved by plywood manufacturers in terms of use.

The automatic plywood edge trimming machine is mainly used for the production and processing of various plywood. It can be automatically connected to the board through the unique design structure of the machine. Compared with the traditional production line, it saves a lot of labor. Comprehensive and effective cutting, reducing waste of resources, the products produced by this equipment can effectively ensure production efficiency and product quality. The automatic plywood edge trimming machine has a small footprint, low power consumption, high degree of automation and convenient operation.

plywood edge trimming saw

Compared with the traditional production machinery, the automatic plywood edge trimming machine has obvious advantages in production. The automatic edge sawing machine has become one of the main equipment for automatic plywood production. It brings a lot of convenience and brings more high-quality product quality to the enterprise.During the processing of the CNC automatic plywood edge trimming machine, if the operation is wrong, some problems may occur, such as the glue breaking of the template during cutting. What is the reason?

plywood edge trimming saw

First look at the board. If the bonding quality is not good, it will seriously affect the bonding ability of the board, and the saw end may be broken. Then, due to the operation of the automatic plywood edge trimming machine, if the cutting end of the board starts with the forming board of the hot-pressed board, the speed will be excessively pursued, and the cutting will start when the adhesive of the board is not ready, and the board will be sizing. This can also happen if the drama knife does not break when cutting, or if the blade is chipped. In fact, most of the reasons are due to the quality of the plate. As long as the product quality meets the standard and the situation is dealt with in time, the problem can be solved.

The second is to pay attention to its quality when using a automatic plywood edge trimming machine. If we don't know how to distinguish its quality, it is best to buy a brand's product, because in this way, its product quality is guaranteed after sale. Of course, we should also pay attention to the correct operation of the four-sided saw, which can not only prolong the service life of the automatic plywood edge trimming machine, but also improve the production efficiency of the automatic plywood edge trimming machine.




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