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Proper use of veneer peeling machine can increase efficiency

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veneer peeling machine

    In the plywood production line, the round wood is usually peeled and rounded with a log debarker, and then the wood is cut into a thin veneer with veneer peeling machine, and then spliced, glued, pressed, and cut. Such sheets of plywood are produced. Today I will focus on the correct use of rotary cutting machines.

 Let's first understand what is a veneer peeling machine?

 Veneer peeling machine is a mechanical equipment for wood manufacturers to cut veneer. Veneer peeling machine is divided into a spindle-less veneer peeling machine and spindle machine. Spindle Veneer peeling machine is suitable for large diameter wood cutting. Spindle less veneer peeling  machine properties without spindle veneer peeling machine without mechanical shaft, suitable for rotary cutting the remaining wood cores with spindle-less veneer peeling  machine to continue to cut into veneer. It can also be used to cut small diameter materials into veneer. The cardless rotary cutting machine is divided into two types: ordinary and numerical control. The CNC veneer peeling machine is controlled by a digital microcomputer. It only needs to set the parameters such as the thickness and length of the veneer, and the machine automatically completes the rotary cutting of the wood by pressing the button. The entire process does not require manual participation, convenient operation and safety. high. During operation, the feed speed can be accurately transmitted to the frequency converter in real-time according to the veneer of different thicknesses. This can ensure that the thickness of the veneer is uniform, smooth and flat, and the length is uniform, making the production of veneer more convenient and simple.

 The spindle-less veneer peeling machine is mainly composed of a frame, a double-roller system, a single-roller system, a knife holder, a transmission system, and an electrical system. The cardless rotary cutting machine has the following features, as detailed below:

 1. Rotary cutting thickness is controlled by a computer program, human-machine interface, high skinning accuracy.

 2. The dovetail slideway advances and retracts the knife, it is convenient to adjust smoothly, and the shockproof auxiliary slideway is added to the original foundation to make the machine more stable.

 3. Using the cam feed structure, the cam is made of high-quality steel after carburizing, which is durable.

 4. The manual technology is not high. Under normal rotary cutting, the error is within ± 0.1mm.

 5. The roller is treated with chrome to increase the wear resistance of the stick.

 The spindle-less rotary cutting machine fully improves the utilization rate of wood and reduces the production cost, which is very popular with manufacturers. Although the spindle-less rotary cutting machine has a high degree of automation, there are still some principles to be followed to ensure safety and smooth production. Let's take a look at what principles need to be followed:

 1. When the spindle-less rotary cutting machine is used to set the minimum processing remaining wood segment, the minimum setting value cannot be less than 30mm, otherwise, it may easily cause machine failure.

 2. The upper limit of the set value cannot exceed the maximum stroke of the equipment, and the lower limit cannot be less than the set value of the machining residual amount, otherwise, the machine cannot work.

 3. The veneer peeling machine should be used within the scope of use specified by the technical characteristics. For convenience, some manufacturers use it to cut plastic, which causes severe deformation of the cut plastic and also damages the use of the rotary cutting machine, so do not think of one machine for multiple uses.

 4. After each use of the veneer peeling machine, the waste material above and below must be removed, so as not to cause the machine to jam, and it will also affect the rotary cutting efficiency and the service life of the machine.

 5. Do not wipe, lubricate or maintain the equipment during the operation to avoid danger when the equipment is running.

 6. It is even more forbidden to drink alcohol and drugs during working hours. Before starting, check whether all parts of the machine are normal and if there are any damaged parts, replace them if necessary.

 7. After the wood is cut, the wooden shaft should be removed, but it can't be taken by hand, it should be removed with a wooden stick.

 8. Have good habits for equipment maintenance, small maintenance every day, and large maintenance regularly to ensure the machine can be used better.

 When using woodworking machinery, to bring out the functions of the machine, the premise is to understand the performance of the equipment, be familiar with the operation of the equipment, and be able to master the operating skills of plywood machines in use to improve production efficiency.




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