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Rotary Cutting of Veneer

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veneer peeling machine

Veneer is usually made in three ways, veneer rotary cutting, veneer planing and veneer sawing.The most widely used is rotary cutting. Wood is processed into veneer by rotary cutting machineveneer peeling machine. The veneer produced is mainly used for plywood production.The rotary cutting is the most important link in the plywood production process, and its quality directly affects the final quality of plywood.

The so-called rotary cutting is a cutting process in which the wood segment rotates on a fixed axis, the rotary cutting blade makes a linear feeding motion parallel to the axis of the wood segment, and the cutting is carried out along the direction of wood growth rings.

Rotary cutting for a spindle rotary cutting machine(spindle veneer peeling machine) and spindleless rotary cutting machine(spindleless veneer peeling machine ), there is a spindle rotary cutting machine mainly processing larger diameter of wood, and spindleless rotary cutting machine is processing small path logs.

The rotary cutting machine is also one of the main equipment of the plywood machine, in a sense, more widely used than the planer cutting machine.The rotary cutting machine can be divided into two categories: concentric rotary cutting and eccentric rotary cutting according to whether the wood rotates around its axis or not.Concentric rotary cutting machine is divided into a card rotary cutting machine and no card shaft rotary cutting machine two.Eccentric rotary cutting can obtain beautiful radial pattern, but the productivity is lower than concentric rotary cutting.

The wood segment shall undergo water heat treatment before rotary cutting to improve the temperature and moisture content of the wood, so as to soften the wood, increase plasticity, reduce the cracks on the back of the veneer after rotary cutting, and improve the quality of the veneer.Because the bark is easy to block the knife door in the rotary cutting, and the bark is often embedded with silt and other sundries will damage the rotary knife, so the wood must first go through a roundabout machine to remove the log bark, and then the rotary cutting.

Main process flow of veneer rotary cutting: log line and cross cutting → wood section heat treatment wood section peeling wood section center setting and wood loading wood section rotary cutting.

In the rotary cutting, in order to get flat, uniform thickness of the veneer, when the rotary cutting to ensure the best conditions.The main factors that affect the rotary cutting are: the main Angle parameters, the rotary cutting speed, the position of the rotary knife and the relative rotary cutting position of the pressure ruler.These conditions are determined according to the species of the wood, the diameter of the section, the thickness of the veneer and so on.So according to their own production needs to buy rotary cutting machine.




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