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The choice of hot press and the solution to the deformation of the hot press plate

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plywood hot press machine

Hot  presses machine are the most common machinery for producing plywood. In the current market, there are many types of hot press machines. Faced with a wide variety of hot press machines equipment on the market, how should we choose?

The market demand for hot press machines is mainly divided into pulse hot press machines, woodworking heat presses and plywood hot press machines.

The pulse hot press machines is the most popular heat press in welding equipment. The pulse hot press machines has the advantages of low noise during operation, no pollution, simple and convenient operation, high precision, and small temperature error.

Woodworking hot press is one of the main equipments in the production process of particleboard. It uses compressed air, foot switch and solenoid valve to carry out punching operations. The main features of woodworking heat press are simple structure, convenient operation and low cost.

Multilayer board hot press is a miniature hot press equipment. It is mainly used in digital, plastic, plywood and other industries.

The above are the uses and advantages of the three hot press machines. In the selection process of the hot press, it should be selected according to the performance of the hot press and its own production needs.

During the use of the plywood hot press, there will be some problems, such as the deformation of the hot pressing plate and the uneven temperature. Why do these problems occur? The manufacturer of the hot press will briefly analyze the reasons for the deformation of the plywood hot press.

1. With steam heating, sometimes the steam pipes in the hot pressing plate are not smooth or fouled and blocked, and the conduction is uneven during heating, which makes the temperature rise of each part of the hot pressing plate different, which has led to hot pressing deformation; sometimes the condensed water is not discharged properly. It is not easy to control the temperature, and it is more likely to cause the deformation of the hot pressing plate.

2. If the hot press does not publish the book smoothly, the unloading frame is stuck, and the slab at the rear collides with the rough plate at the front, the fibers at the front of the slab will pile up. If the operator cannot find it in time, the heat The pressure boost of the press is easy to form the bending deformation of the hot pressing plate.

3. The heating of the hot press is uneven, and the temperature rises too fast during preheating, especially when it is turned on in a cold state and preheated, it is more likely to be deformed.

When we use the hot press machines, we should pay attention to the above problems.

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