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The main machines for plywood production(1)

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It is crucial for the selection of the machines when you plan to invest a plywood production line. A suitable plywood production line not only helps you save production cost but also have a long service time. In the following text, we will make a brief introduction of the primary machines in plywood production.


When you plan to build a plywood production line, you should confirm which kind of plywood you want to make, and you need to confirm the logs which you will take as face veneer and core veneer.

Chapter 1 veneer making

veneer production line

In the plywood production, the first step is veneer making. In this section, there are three primary machines. Log cutting saw, log debarker, veneer peeling machine. And if the hardness of the wood is very high, we should boil the logs before veneer making.

Log cutting saw is used for cutting logs to specified length for veneer peeling machine. There is tow type sawing machine for log cutting: Chain saw and circular saw. Compared to a circular saw, a chain saw has the advantage of low cost small in size easy to use and suitable for cutting large diameter logs. But the failure rate of the chain saw is higher than Circular saw, and the cutting speed is lower than a circular sawing machine. In regular practice, the circular saw is mainly used for automatic veneer peeling. And the chain saw is used for manual cutting.

 log sawing machine 1

Circular sawing machine

Horizontal log debarking machine is mostly used in veneer production. It has two primary functions: 1. remove the log barks before veneer peeling, or the barks will harm the veneer peeling knife. 2. make the logs round before the logs are delivered to veneer peeling machine, that will reduce the waste of wood. The structure of log debarking device is simple, and very high precision is not required for this machine. So there is no huge difference between different factories. If your log diameter is more than 700mm, you need to choose a debarker machine with a spindle. The principle of spindle log debarker and spindle-less debarker is almost the same, but the cost of spindle debarker is much higher than the spindleless machine.

 log debarker

Veneer peeling machine is the most critical machine in veneer production. It decides the quality of the veneer and directly determines the quality of plywood. A good veneer peeling machine should have the following characteristic:

1.High precision. A finished veneer should be flatness and evenness. If you want a specified thickness, you can get it quickly, the thickness of different veneer is the same, and the thickness of the same piece veneer is the same too. All these require the veneer peeling machine are designed with very high precision.

2.Easy to operate. If you want to change a peeling knife or moderate the thickness of the veneer, some machine will cost you one or two hours, but some machine only needs a few minutes.

3.Stable running. A stable running machine must be a well-designed machine. The motor the bearings the rollers the peeling knife and the steel plate frame are all very import for a stable running machine. You get what you pay for is an in-refutable truth.

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