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Veneer peeling machine more durable method

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Veneer peeling machine is a critical machine in plywood production. A high-quality veneer peeling lathe can not only be stable running but also have a long-term service time. If you want a peeling lathe with a long-lasting life, you should not only pay attention to the machine configurations, and you should pay more attention to its use and maintenance.


If you want to make your machine durable, you should choose a machine suitable for your logs.  The logs of different species are with different hardness, and for different hardness, the configurations of the machines are different too. The higher the hardness, the higher the configuration. For example, for cottonwood, you only need a peeling machine with a low motor power about 25 kW, but for acacia wood, the motor power will be rather higher than that for cottonwood, and other accessories should be a more top grade too.


The diameters of the logs have a significant influence on the selection of the peeling machine. If your logs are all with very big diameter, you should increase the opening of peeling machine,  choose a machine with heavy duty and higher motor power, or the machine will have a shorter service time than it deserves.


For a long-service time, scheduled maintenance is necessary. The following are the main points of the maintenance:

1. Before the new equipment is tested, the moving parts of the guide rail, the feed screw, the gearbox, the transmission gear, etc. should be lubricated.

2. Feed screws, guide rails, transmission gears, drive chains, etc. should be filled with oil every hour for 200 hours within the new machine. The feed screws on both sides of the single and double roller bearing bushings should be filled with butter once in the new machine within 15 days, and the butter should be filled once every 15 days to ensure the durability of the equipment.

3. After the machine was operated for 200 hours, each lubrication part was lubricated once every 2 hours.

4. Check the electrical control for every 200 hours of work.

5.Whether the single and double roller motor belt is slack or worn.




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