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Washing veneer stacker machine

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veneer stacker

The application of high-speed veneer stacker machine is recognized by customers in the plywood production industry. In order to improve the use of the veneer stacker, cleaning and maintenance is very important, which has a greater impact on the use of the veneer stacker. In use, the machine must be cleaned well, so we need to know the cleaning measures of the veneer stacker, which will help to improve the service life of the veneer stacker, obtain better results, and ensure the application performance of the veneer stacker.

Automatic veneer stacker is usually used behind the veneer peeling machine. It can run automatically and stack the single boards after the rotary cutter. Some problems need to be noticed during the operation of the take-up machine, that is, to keep the equipment clean, and do not place some sundries on the equipment, otherwise problems will easily occur during the operation of the equipment.

In order to accurately judge the damage form and wear degree of the part of the CNC lathe of the veneer stacker, the reference and detection parts of the disassembled parts must be thoroughly cleaned. These parts are not clear and precise, and it cannot formulate the correct repair plan. Hidden danger is even caused because no cracks have been found. For affecting the assembly accuracy of surface debris parts, dust must be carefully cleaned. Failure to do so will result in early wear or accidental damage to the machine.

After cleaning the parts, the related parts should be processed to ensure the effectiveness of the application.

Most parts of the machine are stainless steel or iron products, so they need to be properly dried after cleaning. Otherwise, it may rust. Therefore, there are a series of problems in the later stages of woodworking. All components of a woodworking machinery are directly related to the convenience of the lathe. Proper cleaning of shelves and cleaning components not only makes future work smoother, but also extends the life of the equipment. Although the use of high-speed closures has brought new vitality to the woodworking industry, and despite the significant improvement in the quality or efficiency of processed wood, in long-term applications, sometimes the attachments between the various parts of the equipment can still get stuck.

In order to ensure the normal operation of the automatic veneer stacker machine, reduce wear and extend the service life, all friction parts on the rack must be lubricated during use, and daily maintenance must be paid attention to. According to the different parts of the product and the purpose of the product, we use lubrication to reduce daily wear and maintenance costs and extend the life of the equipment.

In the application of automatic veneer stacker machine, the lubrication treatment is very important, which can greatly improve the operating condition of the retracting machine, especially the drive system of the retracting machine. We need to know the specific lubrication method to ensure its excellent lubrication effect.

The veneer stacker machine is an indispensable equipment in the processing and production of boards. Its use has brought new vitality to the woodworking industry. Both the quality and efficiency of processed wood have been greatly improved. In order to complete the board better For work, there must be cooperation between the spindle movement and the feed movement. The spindle movement mentioned here is driven by the motor to V-belt speed input to the spindle box, so that the spindle gets different speeds, and then the workpiece is rotated by the chuck. Normal operation, reduce wear, extend service life, lubricate all friction parts, and pay attention to daily maintenance.

According to the different parts of the product and the application situation, the lubrication treatment of the automatic retractor should adopt lubrication methods such as oil pouring lubrication, marble oil cup lubrication, butter cup lubrication, oil pump oil lubrication, etc. to reduce daily wear and maintenance costs and extend equipment use life.

The above content is the main steps of cleaning and maintenance of the high-speed veneer stacker machine. When cleaning and maintenance, make sure to follow the said content.




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