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What Is the Technology of Veneer Dryer?

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The veneer dryer is a tool commonly used by factories to process wood. It is used to dry veneers to remove excess moisture from the wood for subsequent wood production. Nowadays, the technology of veneer dryer is constantly improving, so this article will focus on the discussion of the technology of veneer dryer.



  • What is a veneer dryer

  • Veneer dryer technology


 1. What is a veneer dryer

Usually, the factory will soak the veneer in order to soften it, but the storage of thickness and other wood processing work require dry veneer. At this time, we will use the veneer dryer to dry it. When using this machine, we need to open the feed door of the veneer dryer and put the dehydrated wood on the platform. Then, select the appropriate time and turn the timing knob to the desired position. Press the start or drying button to start the drum and the exhaust fan to perform the normal drying work (during the drying process, the dried wood should be frequently observed from the observation window, and the power supply should be cut off once an accident occurs). When the machine breaks down, we need to stop it immediately and find out the cause of the failure and eliminate it in time.


2. Veneer dryer technology

The veneer dryer adopts the direct air circulation mode and uses steel-aluminum composite rolling sheets as the radiator. The radiator is heated by steam and heat conduction oil. The centrifugal fan is used to directly inject the hot air into the upper and lower air boxes in the machine. The hot air passes through the nozzles of the upper and lower air boxes and sprays the hot air flow on both sides of the veneer at a high speed. When the worker puts the veneer into the veneer dryer, the pressure of the jet air flow can break through the saturated water vapor layer on the veneer surface, accelerate the heat conduction, make the veneer heat evenly, and achieve the best drying effect. The vertical board of the transmission system is fed into the machine from the feed port of the veneer dryer, and the two rows of rollers are driven by the chain to run relative to each other. The weight of the upper roller presses the veneer to move forward. At the same time, the effect of drying and ironing is achieved. Therefore, the veneer dried by the veneer dryer will be smooth.

In general, the control system of the veneer dryer is set according to customer requirements, there are manual, stepless speed change and automatic computer control system to choose from. The machine can adjust the feeding speed according to the thickness of the veneer and the level of moisture content to achieve the ideal drying effect.

There are many types of veneer dryers, including metal shells (iron plate, aluminum plate, stainless steel plate, etc.), rock wool insulation, and brickwork. Generally, suppliers can rebuild old machines according to the needs of the factory. The heat source system can also be selected from steam furnace and oil furnace.


Veneer dryer technology is indeed a very great invention, which brings great convenience to our wood manufacturing. If you need veneer dryer, you are welcome to call us for further consultation.




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