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What type of Plywood Trimming Saw is used for cutting curve

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This question is also a question that my client asked when asking for a disk. Let me explain it today.

The professional term for the tool for the plywood cutting curve that the customer asks is the jig saw. The jig saw is a tool used for the post-processing of plywood products, such as plywood for furniture, interior decoration, etc.


The jig saw structure mainly consists of: series motor, reduction gear, reciprocating rod, balance board, floor, switch, governor and so on. Its working principle is: the motor is decelerated by gears, and the eccentric rolling sleeve on the large gear drives the reciprocating rod and the saw blade to reciprocate for cutting. 

Our company's plywood trimming saw is the equipment used in the early processing of plywood. Its function is to cut off the raw edges of the plywood and produce the final product size. Our company exports the most 4*8-foot four-sided saw. Below I will introduce the details of the parameters of our company's four-sided saw.

 Plywood trimming saw

Longitudinal saw cutting size: 2440mm

Horizontal saw cutting size: 1220mm

Total power: 43.5KW

Saw blade size: outer diameter 305mm, inner diameter 25.4mm

Maximum thickness of saw blade: 30mm

Saw blade speed: 6900rpm

Positioning method: infrared guidance

Number of infrared guiding devices: 4

Plywood fixing method: mechanical arm clamping

Feed track: ball linear guide / circular linear guide

Stacking method: pneumatic device

Feeding speed: 15-70m/min

Working efficiency: 8-12 pieces / minute

Equipment weight: 5000KG

Equipment size: 9000mm*6000mm*1300mm

This equipment can be combined with the sanding machine production line to make a fully automatic plywood post-processing line. We can provide you with a holistic solution.

If you are interested in our company's veneer peeling machine , sanding machine, hot press and other plywood veneer production line, you can contact us, we will bring you professional and enthusiastic service.




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