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Wood core veneer peeling machine

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Veneer peeling machine is essential production equipment in the production process of plywood. Through the processing of the rotary cutting machine, the logs are cut into veneers that can be used for plywood production. The veneer peeling machines used by plywood manufacturers are mainly divided into two categories: One is a machine with spindle, and the other is a spindle-less machine.

 4 feet spindle less veneer peeling machine

The Spindle veneer lathe is mainly used for cutting large diameter logs. The diameter of the logs is generally above 600mm. The veneer lathe without spindle is usually used for cutting logs with a diameter of less than 600 mm. But no matter spindle veneer peeling machine or spindle-less veneer peeling machine, it faces a common problem: the waste of wood resources. Generally, the remaining wood shaft of the spindle veneer lathe is about 200mm. The remaining wood shaft of the spindle-less veneer lathe is about 30 mm. Most manufacturers treat these remaining wood core as waste. This not only wastes a lot of resources but also causes the manufacturer to lose a large amount of economic income. In response to this situation, Changsheng Wood Machinery Co., Ltd. specially developed a small-diameter rotary cutting machine for wood shafts.

 spindle veneer peeling machine

The wood core peeling machine adopts a spindle-less structure, the gear pushes the base of the pressure roller to move forward, the friction roller drives the wooden shaft to rotate, and the wooden shaft is rotated and cut into continuous veneers by the action of the pressure roller and the friction roller. This veneer peeling machine has a maximum cutting diameter of 120mm, and the final remaining wooden shaft is only 8 mm in diameter. Significantly improved the board yield and economic benefits of logs. Compared with an ordinary spindle-less rotary cutting machine, this rotary cutting machine adopts gear feeding, and the gear is made of cast steel material for durability. The single roller and double roller are driven by one motor together, and the motor power is only 4 kW; the total power of the machine is only 6.2kw. The peeling speed can reach up to 40m/min, and the maximum veneer thickness can reach 1.7mm. It not only has high production efficiency but also meets the requirements of most plywood manufacturers.

 wood core veneer peeling machine 2

This wood core veneer peeling machine has a simple structure, low price, and strong durability. Welcome to contact us for price.




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