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Working steps of automatic plywood edge trimming machine

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plywood edge trimming machine

With the emergence of environmental protection policies, wood-based panels have replaced traditional solid wood floors, and the emergence of automatic plywood edge trimming machines has promoted the development of wood-based panels. This equipment is suitable for multi-layer boards, building templates, furniture boards, etc. Automatic plywood edge trimming machines are also becoming more and more important in the production of plywood. The automatic plywood edge trimming machines should perform the following steps in the work:

1. Before working with automatic plywood edge trimming machines:

(1) Check the automatic plywood edge trimming machines and the work site to see if there are items unrelated to the work, and if so, they should be removed.

(2) Check whether the safety protection device of the automatic plywood edge trimming machines is complete, and the automatic plywood edge trimming machines without the protection device is not allowed to operate.

(3) The automatic plywood edge trimming machines should be in a non-working state before operation.

(4) Check the power distribution box of the automatic plywood edge trimming machines. The power distribution box of the automatic plywood edge trimming machines should be closed and well grounded.

(5) Check whether the amount of oil in the lubricating oil storage part of the quad saw is sufficient and whether it is well sealed. The oil standard, oil cup, oil nozzle, etc. should be installed correctly, and the oil eye should not be blocked. Refuel as specified on the lubrication chart.

(6) The machine tool that has been parked for more than one shift should be tested for idling, and it can only work after confirming that the operation is normal.

plywood edge trimming saw

2. During the working process of the automatic plywood edge trimming machines:

(1) The fixed machine tool is operated by a special person. The operator should stick to the post, operate with caution, and do not do things unrelated to the work. When leaving the machine, the quad saw should stop working and power off.

(2) The tools and wood of the automatic plywood edge trimming machines should be properly clamped and firmly fixed. After the tool leaves the workpiece, the mechanical conversion of drive and feed must be stopped. The wood must not have nails, so as not to damage the automatic plywood edge trimming machines. Pay close attention to the operation, lubrication condition, temperature rise, and sound of the quad saw. If any abnormality is found, stop the quad saw immediately for inspection, and start the machine again after eliminating the fault of the quad saw.

plywood edge trimming saw

3. After the work of the automatic plywood edge trimming machines is completed: turn the operation switch of the automatic plywood edge trimming machines to the non-working position and cut off the power supply. Clean the sawdust from the four-sided saw and clean the work area.

In addition to following the above steps to operate the automatic plywood edge trimming machines, automatic plywood edge trimming machines also has requirements for material selection and construction quality.

According to the design and construction quality requirements of the construction project, the process of reasonably determining the materials used for each workpiece, that is, the tree species, texture, specifications, moisture content requirements, etc., is called material selection. Appearance refers to the parts of the furniture that are exposed to the outside and need to be painted. When selecting materials, the first thing to consider is the solid structure of the workpiece and the beautiful appearance. Use materials with hard materials, good gloss, beautiful texture and good coating performance as the appearance materials of furniture.

Select materials with poor quality and inconspicuous material color and texture as internal materials or dark materials to avoid aging. Large materials are used less, long materials are used less, and defective small materials are reasonably matched to ensure that the materials can be used to the maximum extent. The edge sawing machine adopts CNC frequency conversion automatic technology, which realizes the electromechanical integration of press technology, and achieves the advantages of reducing costs, saving materials, reducing costs, improving production efficiency, easy management, environmental protection and energy saving, and at the same time ensuring the improvement of enterprise costs. 




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