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plywood trimming saw and lopper

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Once a customer asked us about this question. Below I will explain the knowledge about the plywood trimming saw.

After the plywood passes through the hot press process, it will enter the post-processing stage. The post-processing includes trimming, sanding, and sorting. The trimming process uses a four-side saw, and the sanding process uses a sander. Let me explain to you the cutting process first.

Trimming refers to cutting a hot pressed sheet into the required size, removing the loose portion of the four sides of the sheet. When cutting the edge, the length and width of the sheet must be guaranteed. The four sides of the sheet are at right angles. The order of trimming is first longitudinally trimming and then laterally trimming, that is, longitudinally sawing along the length of the plywood and then sawing laterally along the width of the plywood. The larger the sheet size requirement of the plywood, the smaller the loss of the trimming, which is generally 6%-9%. Some of the trimmed scraps are used to produce MDF sheets, but also for boiler combustion, and some are used in single-board dryers in Southeast Asia and Africa.

Plywood trimming saw

 Plywood trimming equipment has a single circular saw trim, double circular saw trimming machine, three circular saw trimming, four circular saw trimming. At present, the plywood industry is more commonly used by two double circular saw trimming machines to form a vertical and horizontal sawing machine with 90°, plus an infrared four-side positioning system, an automatic feeding system, and an automatic stacking system. This is a complete plywood trimming saw line.

The four-sided saw is mainly composed of a machine base, a saw frame, a feeding device and a positioning device. The four-side saw is divided into fixed and non-fixed feet. The fixed length has 4*8 feet and 3*6 feet. The non-fixed rule means that there is a track between the saw blade assembly and the frame. With a scale, the cost of this non-fixed foot is about 15% higher than that of a fixed-size device.

 Now our company's latest four-side saw can be unmanned. The forklift transports the plywood that needs to be cut to the underside of the automatic grabbing arm of the four-sided saw. The bottom of the grab arm is equipped with four vacuum suction cups, grabbing the arm and plywood. Brought to the feeding platform, then the longitudinal trimming, then the horizontal trimming, and finally the automatic stacking with the starting device, when the cutting is completed, the forklift transports the stacked plywood to the sanding line.

Plywood trimming saw

I believe that through the above explanation, you can understand the composition and use of the plywood trimming saw. If you are interested in the four-sided saw for plywood or have questions, please contact us, we will bring you professional and enthusiastic service.

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