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Employee training

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Fortunately, the company arranged for me to participate in the Evergreen training. Through the morning training, I learned the theory of empty cups, the responsibility for the work, and a new understanding of the company's loyalty! Learn to think about dealing with problems! Dare to take responsibility and learn to use corporate culture to manage the enterprise!  

 employee training

There is no end to learning, and I will live to learn old. Many thanks to the company for giving us the opportunity to learn. Although we all have been in business for many years, we have a lot of work experience and we have our own methods of doing things. But with the changes of the times. Looking at the problem perspective, the solution to the problem should also keep pace with the times. You cannot look at new issues from the old perspective. Through learning, we can understand the problem from the root and realize some ideas to look at the problem. Learn more about human nature and know yourself! Change yourself, be a manager with a firm stance, and make 100% responsible attitude and results in your position.

Through training, I learned that people should be modest and not arrogant. For new environments and new things, don't reject them, and do an empty mind to accept new things and truly enter new teams. Be familiar with the new corporate culture, do things in strict accordance with the corporate culture, work with difficulties and problems, dare to take responsibility, do not make excuses for failure, just find ways to succeed, and work hard to do a good job. In view of the current situation, there is mainly a lack of tough execution and persistent persistence. Through this training, I have made it clear to me that these are our responsibilities, that our work is not done well, and we will take responsibility and look for better. Implement an effective method and manage the workshop. A company must have such difficulties and problems as living in the process of growth and development. As a member of the company, when faced with difficulties and problems, we must be optimistic and actively resolve.

employee training

When encountering difficulties and problems, you must first face it correctly, don't escape! Secondly, it is necessary to correctly analyze the cause of the problem: it is caused by the social environment, or the company's operating mechanism or individual factors. The last thing is to have a positive attitude, to exert your subjective initiative, to come up with ideas, to find a way, to think in one place, to go to a place to solve problems.

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