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High speed four feet veneer peeling machine

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Along with the development of plywood market, Plywood manufacturers are increasingly demanding equipment of high speed and high quality. In order to provide customers with better service and good quality products, Changsheng Wood Machinery Factory launched this high-end veneer peeling machine. Once this veneer peeling machine was promoted, it was favored by the international market. Now the products are exported to more than 30 countries including Brazil, Russia, Mexico, India, Indonesia, Ethiopia, etc. Last year, the export volume of this single machine has reached more than 200 units.

 veneer peeling machine

The maximum working speed of this machine can reach 120 m/min, the max log diameter can reach 600 mm. Now it is widely used for the rotary cutting of kinds of hardwoods. Compared to the normal low speed machines, the output of this machine is twice or even three times that of them. Due to the large increase in speed, high requirements are placed on the stability, precision and durability of the machine. Compared to other company products, this high-speed machine has the following characteristics:

1. All steel plates are laser-cut, which is more efficient and stable than ordinary cutting in other factories.

2. Carbon Dioxide Gas Shielded Welding Machine weld.The welding machine has large current and good penetration. It can be continuously welded. Compared with ordinary welding, it has less welding slag and high finish.

3. All of the mounting surface are machining surface, which will guarantee the consistency and stability of installation. And the verticality and parallelism between the parts are also higher.

4.  The weld is treated with time-sensitive treatment, which is the fastest way to remove stress in the world, which can effectively prevent welding deformation during use.

5. The lead screw is made of 45 gauge steel, conditioned, quenched, and chromed. The nut is made of zinc-based alloy. The lead screw is driven by a servo motor. Durable and precise.

6. The roller is engraved in round steel and then chrome-plate. Durable and wear resistance.

7. Single and double rollers are double-drive motors, double-chain transmission, high speed and good safety stability.

8. The drive shaft is divided into three sections to prevent shaft shake. The middle section is a combination of three teeth, which can be adjusted by 0.2-0.3 mm per wave and has high precision.

9. Automatic CNC control, can connect to the line for unmanned operation.The touch screen approve six language, easy to operate.

10. All the components like motor reducer and bearings are from well-known manufactures home and abroad. It guarantee the stable quality of the machine.

 veneer peeling lathe

veneer peeler 2

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