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How to use the knife of veneer peeling machine

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veneer peeling machine

The quality of the CNC rotary cutter knife has a direct impact on the use of woodworking machinery. Therefore, the rotary cutter knife is a very important part of the veneer peeling machine. Today we will explain to you both the wear resistance of the cutter and the correct use of the knife.

The first, Wear resistance of veneer peeling machine rotary cutters knife.

The tools of the veneer peeling machine rotary cutter knife can be processed through technology to improve the wear resistance of the rotary cutter and reduce the losses caused by frequent rotary cutter changes. To improve the wear resistance of tools, it is mainly to improve the ability of the tools to resist abrasion and abrasion and the ability to resist corrosion and wear. This can improve the production efficiency of the rotary cutter. Here are some points for improving the wear resistance of CNC plywood veneer peeling machine rotary cutter knife tools for your reference.

1. Surface heat treatment: Appropriate heat treatment for CNC veneer peeling machine rotary cutter knife tools can increase the hardness of the surface and increase the wear resistance of the tools.

2. Penetrating layer treatment: The chemical composition of the surface of the tool can be changed by the technique of penetrating layer, which can improve the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the tool.

3. Thermal spray processing: Thermal spray processing can heat and melt various materials such as metals and alloys, and use high-speed airflow to atomize and spray the material onto the surface of the tool, making the tool more wear-resistant.

4. Coating treatment: Coating treatment is to apply refractory metal compounds with high wear resistance to the surface of the tool, which can improve the wear resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature oxidation resistance of CNC veneer peeling machine rotary cutting knife tools.

Second, the use of veneer peeling machine rotary cutter knife。

1. The rotary knife of the CNC rotary cutting machine is an important part of the whole machine, and it will directly affect the quality of the rotary cutting. However, the height of the rotary knife will inevitably occur during the use. In order not to affect the production, let's take a brief look at the processing method.

The height of the rotary cutter knife has been adjusted when the CNC veneer peeling machine leaves the factory. The standard is that the fixed bolt below the edge of the rotary cutter is 145mm. In principle, the height of the cutting edge of the rotary cutting blade should be 0--1mm higher than the center of the log. If the wood trembles during the test, the blade height is low, and the blade should be adjusted upwards until the wood does not tremble. The resistance is too large and there is a phenomenon of peeling. The obvious white marks under the blade are longer (generally 3--4mm is appropriate), which indicates that the knife is high, and the rotary cutter should be adjusted to a suitable level.

2. Adjust the rotary knife height, and also need to adjust the knife gap of the CNC veneer peeling machine rotary cutter knife. Adjusting the knife gap can ensure the production quality of the rotary cutter, but how to adjust the knife gap?

    First, loosen the compression bolts on both sides of the single box (single roller table) of the rotary cutter, and use a feeler gauge to insert between the knife and the single roller, and adjust the adjustment screws at both ends of the single box so that the gap between the knives is equal to or Slightly larger than the thickness of the leather.

Then, check the gap between the knife and the roller with a feeler gauge to see if the two ends are consistent. If not, adjust the adjustment wire on both sides of the knife table to make the knife seams on both sides consistent.

After using the rotary cutter knife of the veneer peeling machine for a period of time, the rotary cutter needs to be ground. A sharpener can be used to sharpen the blade. The material of the blade is relatively brittle. Do not sharpen the blade, otherwise the blade will be annealed and the tool will be damaged and cannot be used.

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