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Hydraulic and pneumatic transmission system structure

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The principle of Hydraulic system and pneumatic system are the same, and the main structure is very similar. Hydraulic and pneumatic systems generally consist of the following four parts.

1.Energy device: This device is used to supply a certain flow or a certain pressure of liquid or compressed air. From the point of view of energy conversion, it is a device that converts mechanical energy into fluid pressure energy.

The medium used for energy transmission is different for hydraulic system and pneumatic system. The energy device of the hydraulic system is composed of a hydraulic pump (volumetric type) and its protection device. Generally a flow source, and sometimes a pressure source; an air compressor tank controls the energy device of the pneumatic system. It consists of safety protection and pressure regulating device, etc. It is a pressure source.


2.Actuator: This device is used to connect working parts and convert fluid pressure energy into mechanical energy of the working part. It can be a hydraulic cylinder for linear motion or cycloidal motion, a cylinder (collectively referred to as a pressure cylinder), or a hydraulic motor or a pneumatic motor for rotary motion.

3.Control adjustment device: This device is used to control and regulate the pressure. Flow and flow direction of the fluid in the system to cause the pointing device to perform the regular motion. Including pressure valve, flow valve, directional valve, and other main components

4.Auxiliary equipment: This device is used to form the whole system and plays an essential auxiliary role in the regular operation of the system. For example, the fuel tank, the filter, the oil pipe, etc. in the above hydraulic system; the cooler in the pneumatic system, the oil moisture filter, the gas storage tank, the gas source treatment device, and the like.





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