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Problems in the use of veneer peeling machine

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veneer peeling machine

Problems in the use of veneer peeling machine

一、The veneer peeling machine is stuck.

When using the veneer peeling machine, the veneer peeling machine is stuck. What is the reason? In such a situation, the machine must first be stopped and the power switched off. Then check what causes it. This usually happens, you need to check the following places.

1.Check if the saw blade is loose or the saw blade has been used for too long and is not sharp enough.

2. Check the belt for damage and replace it according to the damage.

3. The hardness of the wood is too high, resulting in low machine power. Therefore, when buying a rotary cutting machine, you must choose according to your own production conditions.

4. The installation angle of the cutter head is not sharp enough.

The problem of knife fall in veneer peeling machine

Veneer rotary cutting machine will drop the knife during automatic tool change, which affects the production efficiency. Let's analyze the reasons for the knife fall.

1. When a tool drop occurs, you can use the automatic tool change program to check it. When the machine is moving and the tool is not in place, the tool on the spindle will be loosened, resulting in a tool drop without catching the tool.

2. Check the wiring of the sensor switch to see if there is any looseness at the wiring port. The mechanical operation will cause slight vibration. If the switch wire is loose, it will cause poor contact. At this time, the machine is not completely knife position, and the magnetic induction switch is still in a state of induction. If it is disconnected, the tool will loosen and cause the tool to drop.

The knife jump problem of the veneer peeling machine

It is very common for CNC rotary cutting machine to skip tools in production. Stop the machine when the tool skips, and perform simple maintenance. During the maintenance process, adjust the ratio of the knife edge to the wood core. When adjusting, do not adjust too much, just fine-tune the blade according to the smoothness of the wood core.

The problem of rotary cutter trowel:

When the wooden shaft has a large diameter, a trowel is caused by a large knife edge or a single roll is too low; when a wooden shaft is rotated to a wooden core, a trowel is caused by a small knife edge or a single roll is too high.

How to solve the guillotine in the veneer peeling machine?

When installing the knife to the plywood veneer peeling machine, first put the knife into the slot, then screw one of the nuts, use the height equal to the height of the center line of the card shaft as the standard, rotate the top knife bolt, and place the two ends The knife height is set well, the knife height at both ends must be horizontal, and then the middle height. Then tighten all nuts. Note: The middle of the blade is 0.1-0.2mm higher than the two ends. This is to prevent the diameter of the wood from being bent when the diameter is smaller.

Check whether the height of the knife is appropriate. You can use a height gauge to measure the arm height of the height gauge. It can also be measured with a knife height tester, which is assembled with a spirit level and a spiral micrometer. When measuring the knife height, first place one end of the spirit level on the surface of the card axis, rotate the micrometer micrometer telescopic rod on the blade, and adjust the height of the top knife. The centerline is consistent.

After a problem with the plywood veneer peeling machine, you need to check it one by one to find the cause of the problem. Do not disassemble the rotary cutter blindly to avoid secondary damage. The CNC rotary cutting machine checks the operation of the machine before use, and uses the machine after it meets the operating conditions of the machine, which can improve the production efficiency and the quality and accuracy of plywood.




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