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Problems of veneer dryers and their solutions

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Here we talk about the problems that will occur during the veneer drying process and how to solve them.

1、The veneer side is with the wavy edge 

Cause: The width gap between the two sides of the veneer peeling machine is too large; the single board is too thin and dry too fast 

Solution: adjust the size of the knife left and right; improve the relative humidity inside the veneer dryer, adjust the vent or exhaust fan

2、the crack at the end of the veneer

Cause: The manual loading and unloading of the veneer; the wet veneer stacking time is too long; Solution: Pay attention to light handling; before drying the wet veneer that has been stored for a long time, the end of the veneer is moistened with water.

3、Some veneer are too dry or too wet

Cause: The initial moisture content of the veneers differed too much; the drying conditions of the veneers were inconsistent.

Solution: Different tree species and veneers of different thicknesses should be dried separately;

4、the moisture content of each part of the veneer is different

Cause: The dryer is faulty; the initial moisture content is inconsistent; the thickness of the veneers is inconsistent;

Solution: overhaul the dryer; check the moisture content of the veneer before drying; improve the thickness error of the veneer

5、Crack or break in the middle of the veneer

Cause: The feeding speed of the dryer is not correct; the temperature inside the machine is too high, the humidity is too small, and it is inconsistent with the required drying conditions.

Solution: adjust the feeding speed; adjust the dryer moisture system, and reset the dryer parameters

The veneer dryer will have an impact on the subsequent plywood production. If the humidity of each part of the veneer is different, it will have a great influence on the gluing machine and the hot press. If it is not properly treated, it will cause degumming. phenomenon. A good dryer can not only dry out the finished veneer, but also save production costs and ensure the pass rate.

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