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Veneer dryer heating element

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The veneer dryer produced by our company is a continuous veneer drying equipment. Each veneer dryer includes a drying section and a cooling section.

The drying section of the veneer dryer is a combination of several drying chambers. The composition of the drying chamber of each dryer is also different depending on the heating method of the dryer. A veneer dryer with heat transfer oil or steam as heating medium, the length of each drying chamber is 2 meters, and the height varies according to the number of layers to be dried. The drying chamber is composed of a heat sink, a hot air blower, and a roller. Tube or mesh belt, insulation layer, moisture tidal system, transmission system, electrical components, etc., wherein the size of the heat sink is not fixed, the more layers of the dryer, the larger the size of the heat sink, the corresponding heat The power of the fan should also be increased. These components are maintained during the regular maintenance of the equipment and can be repaired if damaged. A single-plate dryer with hot air as a heating medium, its drying chamber is generally 12 meters per section, centered on the combustion furnace, and the bottom of the drying chamber is arranged in a hot air duct, and the drying chamber is composed of a hot air duct. Roller or mesh belt, moisture tidal system, insulation layer, transmission system, electrical components, etc., hot air dryer also requires regular maintenance and maintenance, especially pay attention to whether the hot air duct is damaged, if it is damaged, it needs to be repaired immediately. Or replace it. If it is not repaired, it may cause a fire. Generally, we use high temperature resistant tubes such as alloy or stainless steel in the hot air duct near the high temperature of the furnace to ensure the safe production of the equipment.

All the continuous veneer dryers produced by our factory can be divided into five parts: frame, transmission, heating device, door, outer wall and auxiliary equipment. At present, the veneer dryers used in the plywood factory are mainly multi-layer mesh belt dryers and roller dryers. In yesterday's article, we have already described the roller dryers. Today we focus on the mesh belt veneers. Dryer.

The mesh belt type single board dryer can be used for veneer rotary cutting machine and single board planing machine for drying the veneer (table, backboard) and core board. It adopts the upper and lower nets to bring the transfer veneer, and the lower layer mesh belt is used for compaction. Its function is to give appropriate pressing force during the drying process of the veneer to prevent the veneer from being deformed during drying. The mesh belt of the mesh belt dryer is a metal mesh belt composed of 2.5mm*1mm (width*thickness) galvanized flat iron wire, which is surrounded by left and right spirals and penetrated by a galvanized round wire with a diameter of 3mm.

For the mesh belt veneer dryer, the length of the mesh belt is the key. If the mesh belt is too long, the transmission will be unstable during the operation of the dryer, and the mesh belt will sag and sagging, which will cause the deformation of the single board; Short, it will make the mesh belt too tight, it is easy to be stretched and deformed during the operation, shortening the service life of the mesh belt. The length and tightness of the mesh belt are 10mm with the mesh belt between the adjacent two transmission rollers. There are adjustment screws on the mesh belt bearing to adjust the bearing position, which can change the tightness of the mesh belt.

Correction of the mesh belt. Because the mesh belt is too long, the precision is a big problem. If the mesh belt runs off, the edge of the mesh belt will be scratched on the dryer frame, and the edge of the mesh belt will be disjointed, which will affect the life of the mesh belt. Our company's mesh belt veneer dryer has a mesh belt correction device. When the mesh belt is deflected, the edge of the mesh belt will touch the baffle of the sensor. The sensor gives an electric or pneumatic switch signal. The driving or pneumatic device will drive the adjusting roller to rotate around the fulcrum in the horizontal plane, so that the mesh belt returns to the normal position. Our company is specialized in the production of veneer peeling machine, veneer dryer, veneer hot press and plywood veneer production line. If you are interested in our products, you can contact us, we will bring you Professional and enthusiastic service.




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