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Veneer dryer the crusher is important

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The breaker is an integral part of the electrical control of the veneer dryer. The function of the circuit breaker is to cut off and close the load circuit, and cut off the fault circuit to prevent accidents from expanding and ensure safe operation. It must be checked in daily equipment maintenance.

In the article yesterday, the dryer is divided into steam, heat transfer oil and hot air dryer according to the heating medium. The steam and heat transfer oil dryer can be equipped with an automatic adjustment system. In the dryer without the automatic adjustment system, the damage of the fan breaker will not make the dryer unable to heat, but in the dryer equipped with the automatic adjustment system, the damage of one circuit breaker will cause the electrical circuit of the whole equipment to be short-circuited. As a result, it cannot be started normally and cannot be heated.

Generally, the electrical circuit of the dryer is set at the factory. After the installation is completed, the customer only needs to check whether the wiring of the electrical system of the dryer is loose every 30 days, and whether the electrical components are damaged, so please do not privately. Change the electrical system of the dryer.

Below we focus on the structure and parameters of the roller dryer.

The roller dryer is composed of upper and lower rollers, which rely on roller drive and friction to drive the veneer forward. The roller not only plays the role of conveying the veneer, but also plays the role of pressing and heat transfer. A section of the lower roller of the roller dryer has a chain. The other end has a long-toothed gear, which is driven by the chain to rotate the lower sprocket and to drive the upper roller to rotate. The upper roller is placed on the lower roller with its own weight. The roller rotates the veneer forward. One end of the upper roller bearing is a groove, and the other end is equipped with a long tooth gear that meshes with the long tooth gear of the lower roller. Therefore, the upper roller can be moved upward within a certain range, so that the veneers of different thickness pass, and the roller is always in contact with the surface of the veneer due to the gravity of the upper roller, thereby preventing the unevenness of the veneer plate surface.

The main equipment parameters of the roller dryer: (the length units below are all expressed in mm):

The working width of the device is 2800-4400

Working layers range from 1-4 layers

The number of heating sections of the drying zone varies from 6 to 18 depending on the customer's needs, 2 meters per section.

The speed of veneer transport varies from 0.75-10m/min

Drying capacity is set according to the length of the drying zone of the equipment

Motor capacity includes transmission motor, hot air motor, cooling motor, moisture exhaust motor, and discharge motor.

The heating medium has saturated steam, heat transfer oil, hot air

The steam pressure is between 0.8MPa and 1.3MPa when saturated.

The moisture content of the veneer can be dried varied from 85% to 6%.

Drying temperature 150 ° C -200 ° C

Steam consumption is also set according to the length of the drying area

These are the basic parameters of the dryer, will be showed in the quotation for customers.

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