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Veneer peeling machine safety operation procedures

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Most of the accidents are caused by failure to comply with safe operating procedures. The principal rule of safe operating: Do not wipe, lubricate or maintain the machine while the equipment is in operation; In the event of failure, shut down the machine and power off first, then repair the machine; Equipment grounding should be checked frequently. Keep in mind that the safety devices provided by the equipment manufacturer are only used to provide the most basic accident prevention, the primary responsibility of the work will be the owner of the equipment and those responsible for the operation, maintenance, and repair.

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The owner of the veneer peeling machine must ensure that personnel associated with the equipment are trained in safety procedures; safety procedures are posted in the relevant areas.

Read and pay attention to the following safety rules:

1. The maintenance of the equipment must be carried out by trained, healthy, adaptable personnel who can do the job reliably.

2. Persons who are not allowed to drink alcohol, take drugs or the like are required to operate, maintain, and repair the device.

3. Before starting the equipment, the operator should check that all safety facilities are normal and check the equipment for apparent defects.

4. If the machine has any errors, especially those related to safe operating procedures, the operator should immediately report to the leader or notify the person responsible for the repair.

5. If the equipment problem is in crisis and the equipment is running safely, the machine must stop running immediately, cut off the power supply, and make a warning sign on the equipment.

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6. When the equipment is being repaired or otherwise work, all personnel involved should be informed that if the machine must be powered, there should be someone to look after the power switch.

7. This equipment can only be used for rotary cutting wood designed by the manufacturer and cannot be used for other purposes.

8. The technical improvement of the equipment will affect the operation and safety of the equipment. It must be carried out by the manufacturer or authorized personnel of the manufacturer. Otherwise, the manufacturer is not responsible for the losses caused by the modification.

9. If the safety equipment cannot be guaranteed to operate normally during installation and maintenance, it must be carried out by a professional licensee who must ensure the prevention of personal injury and equipment damage.

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10. Operators should wear approved protective clothing that prevents accidents. Do not wear rings, watches, jewelry, necklaces, loose ticket-hanging clothing, such as ties, torn clothes, ordinary shoes, unbuttoned tops, or unzipped zippers to avoid getting caught in the rotating part of the machine. Loss or injury, long-term wearers should wear a helmet.

11. When cleaning the equipment, be sure to stop the power supply, take care to prevent cuts, and clean it with appropriate methods.

12. This device must have good grounding! Keep children away from the device and keep away from work-related personnel.

13. Pay attention to the regular refueling and maintenance of the equipment.




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