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Veneer peeling machine wearing parts

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veneer peeling machine


         CNC veneer peeling machine is one of the main equipments for producing plywood. It is a non-chuck mechanical transmission veneer peeling machine that is automatically controlled after computer programming. Veneer peeling machine with the remaining wood core of the card-shaft rotary cutting machine and the veneer rotary cutting machine after small diameter wood rounding machine.

The working principle of the CNC veneer peeling machine: The purpose of rotary cutting is achieved by wood rotation and intelligent linear feed of the knife table. During the process of cutting wood, the speed of single and double rolls is constant, and the wood decreases with the diameter of the wood. The feed of the tool table is fed back to the frequency converter through displacement sensing. The frequency converter outputs the corresponding hertz to speed up the motor and further speed up the screw. Quickly advance the knife table to complete the rotary cutting work.

Advantages of CNC rotary cutting machine: processed veneer thickness is uniform and smooth surface; reasonable structure, convenient operation, and maintenance; stable equipment performance, less wearing parts, long service life; save wood resources.

CNC rotary cutting machine is mainly composed of frame, double-roller system, single-roller system, tool holder, transmission system, electrical system, etc.

        There are many consumable parts on the CNC rotary cutting machine, mainly including the feed screw, the clamping shaft and the sleeve, the main slideway and the slider, the presser frame, the mating surface of the tool frame and so on. The wear of these wearing parts is relatively serious, which will reduce the accuracy of the equipment and also affect the quality of the veneer. The following describes the effects of wearing parts after wearing them.

When the feed screw or nut is worn, the knife holder will become loose, and the thickness of the veneer that is cut out will be different.

Abrasion of the shaft and sleeve can cause the shaft to loosen, cause roundness, and also cause the thickness of the veneer to vary.

  When the wood rotary cutting machine rotates the wood section, the main slider 2 is driven by the left and right screw rods 3 to move horizontally along the horizontal main slide 5, and the knife holder 4 also moves horizontally with the main slider. The auxiliary slider 7 moves forward along the auxiliary slide along the tool holder. Since the auxiliary slider is moved along the inclined auxiliary slideway 8, the tail of the blade holder swings downward uniformly. Therefore, in the process of rotary cutting, the rotary knife on the one hand makes a horizontal feed motion, and on the other hand, rotates clockwise around the center point A of the semicircular track, so that the requirement of gradual reduction with the decrease of the radius of the wood segment during the rotary cutting The purpose of reducing the initial setting angle or cutting angle of the cutter.

The wear of the main slide will change the cutting angle of the rotary cutting tool during rotary cutting, causing the outer veneer to be thick, the inner ring to be thin, or the wavy shape of the veneer to appear.

The surface of the scale holder or the knife holder is severely worn, and it will slide horizontally. The wood will push the gauge back during the rotary cutting. This increases the gap of the knife door, causing insufficient pressure on the veneer by the rotary scale. The board is rough.

The CNC veneer peeling machine is designed to save physical strength, but it will waste human and financial resources if it will not be maintained. Therefore, in the process of using the rotary cutting machine, we should regularly check the rotary cutting machine and learn to properly maintain it. maintain. Good maintenance and correct use can guarantee the performance of spindle-less veneer peeling machines and ensure production safety.




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