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What Is the Preparation of Plywood Veneer Production Line?

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The plywood veneer production line is a series of complex production processes that require not only large amounts of raw materials, technology, but also equipment. Generally speaking, a large project needs to be fully prepared, the following will introduce these preparations for you:


Plywood Veneer Production Line 4 Feet Spindle-less


  • Felling the trees

  • Preparing the logs

  • Making the veneer

  • Forming the plywood sheets


1. Felling the trees

Generally, companies that make plywood will plant the trees they need to meet the needs of various kinds of wood, and carefully manage the trees to ensure the highest quality of the wood. This is also the first preparation for the plywood veneer production line. The diameter of the trees used for gluing veneers is relatively small. The company will first select the wood required for the mark number, and then need to use a logging machine to cut down and cut off the excess branches and leaves. The trimmed trees are then transported to the loading area, cut to a certain length and then transferred to the factory, where they enter the plywood veneer production line.


2. Preparing the logs

If logs are needed for the plywood veneer production line, these logs need to be sent to the log debarker using a chain conveyor, and the bark of the logs is removed by the grinding wheel of the debarker and high-pressure water spray. After peeling again, the machine will transport the logs to the next stage, cutting them into the size needed for plywood veneer for use.


3. Making the veneer

First, before cutting the logs into veneers, the wood needs to be softened. Usually, in the plywood veneer production line, the factory will pass the method of heating and soaking. After about 12 to 40 hours, the wood will be removed and the veneer peeling lathe will be transported. The wood is cut into a large number of veneers by the fast turning blades of the veneer peeling lathe. In general, these cut veneers can be processed immediately to form plywood veneers. However, it can also be stored for use in subsequent plywood veneer production line. However, no matter what the material of the product is, they need to be cut to the right size first. At the same time, the factory will also use optical scanners to check the board for defects, and if so, remove them. After the inspection is completed, the veneers are dried and stacked in stages.


4. Forming the plywood sheets

After preparing these veneers, you need to prepare for making plywood veneers. This step can be done automatically or semi-automatically by the machine. Workers need to lay the three-layer board flat through the glue machine, after applying a layer of glue, place the veneer on the back of the plywood, then pass the entire sheet through the glue machine, and wait for the press. After this, there are a series of steps to make these sheets into plywood sheets.


In general, the plywood veneer production line is a huge process. Through this article, I believe you also have a certain understanding of the preparation of this production line. If you want to engage in production in this area, this is also a key aspect that you need to understand.




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