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What is veneer dryer machine used for

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In the plywood veneer  production line, the veneer dryer plays a vital role.

The veneer after the veneer peeling machine has a high moisture content. If the plywood with high moisture content of the plywood is produced by the dry heat method, it cannot be used for production, otherwise the phenomenon of degumming and bubbling will occur. The drying of veneers generally has two methods of natural drying and artificial drying. Natural drying is the use of air convection and sunlight to dry the veneers naturally. The natural drying efficiency is low, the labor intensity is large, the area occupied by the production area is large, and the quality is poor. The board is easy to deform), but the investment is small and the cost is low, which is suitable for small enterprises. Manual drying is the use of equipment dryers and drying kiln to dry the veneers. This method has high efficiency and good quality, but the input is large. The general plywood manufacturers use dryers to dry the veneers.

According to the different heat transfer methods of the dryer:

1、The air energy single-plate dryer uses the circulating hot air to transfer the heat to the veneer to achieve the purpose of drying.

2、Direct contact with the veneer by the hot steel plate to transfer the heat to the veneer. The structure and working principle of the hot plate dryer are almost the same as those of the plywood hot press, and the hot plate temperature is generally 150 °C. When the hot plate is dry, a grooved cover plate is required between the veneer and the hot plate to allow moisture and steam to escape.。

3、The use of convective heat transfer combined with other forms of heat transfer, convection - contact, infrared - convection, meager - convection and other means.

Veneer dryer

Divided into different transmission modes of the board:

1、Mesh belt type, placing the veneer between two layers of steel mesh.

2、roller type, the veneer is placed between the upper and lower rollers to clamp and transport

Veneer dryer

Divided according to the direction of hot air circulation in the dryer:

1、Longitudinal ventilation dryer, which circulates hot air along the length of the dryer. The airflow is the same as the direction of the veneer transport. This is called the forward direction; if the direction is opposite, it is called the reverse direction. Longitudinal ventilation dryers are not effective, and they are rarely used now.

2 .horizontal ventilation dryer

Veneer dryer

Hot air circulates along the width of the dryer. The airflow can be parallel to the surface of the veneer and also perpendicular to the surface of the veneer. This type of dryer is currently the most commonly used. The veneer dryer produced by our company generally use a dryer parallel to the surface of the veneer. The vertical dryer produced by our company recently uses a single board to stand and the hot air blows the veneer from the side. This vertical dryer can achieve continuous drying, equipment cost and use cost are lower than ordinary dryers. 30%, energy saving 20%, most suitable for plywood factory to dry the veneer twice.

With the increase in the use of plywood, the quality requirements of customers for plywood are also increasing. This has led to more and more veneer rotary cutting plants and plywood factories starting to purchase veneer dryers. Our company can provide you with veneer drying System solutions for you to make customized solutions.




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