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What is wrong when veneer dryer machine has no heat

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Thank you for purchasing theveneer dryer produced by Feixian Town Changsheng Machinery Factory.

This product is used to blow the hot air in the heat sink into a hot air to blow the veneer (core board, dough). This drying room has long service life, stable operation and convenient maintenance, and has been widely recognized by the market. . This product transports veneer produced by veneer peeling machine into the dryer through the roller or mesh belt, and the hot air is blown to the veneer, so that continuous production can be realized, and the hot air circulation adopts the horizontal vertical jet method. The dry veneer has uniform heat and uniform water content, and adopts new technologies such as continuously variable transmission and centralized electric control.

It can be seen from the above that the heating of the veneer is the core of the dryer, and the heated medium is usually made of steam, heat transfer oil and hot air. For the reason that the heating cannot be heated, we separately explain the different heating media.:

1.The dryer using steam as a heating medium

The reasons why this type of dryer can not be heated are: first consider whether the boiler is in normal operation, check the boiler; secondly, consider whether there is leakage from the steam transmission pipe between the boiler and the dryer, check the pipeline; Whether the fan works, check the hot air blower and hot air circulation system to check whether the hot air of the heat sink can be converted into hot air; finally, consider the hot air leakage caused by the seal of the dryer, and check the seal of the drying area of the dryer. If there is aging, it needs to be replaced.

2. Dryer using heat transfer oil as heating medium

The reason why the dryer does not heat is the same as the dryer that uses steam as the heating medium.

3. Dryer using hot air as heating medium

This type of dryer comes with a burning furnace, which is generally used for the bark removed by the log debarker and the scraps cut by the veneer peeling machine as fuel. The combustion furnace is connected to the hot air pipe, and the hot air pipe is not dried for 12 meters. The zigzag arrangement is arranged inside the machine, and the burning furnace is located at 6 meters, and the heat and the pyrotechnics generated by the combustion are sent into the hot air pipe through the hot air fan, so that the temperature in the dryer rises to dry the veneer. There is very little such a phenomenon that the dryer does not heat up, and it can be checked whether the hot air blower is working normally, whether the sealing performance of the dryer is lowered, and whether the drying area leaks.

Among them, the dryer with steam as the heating medium is the most widely used; the drying temperature of the dryer with the heat transfer oil as the heating medium can dry the veneer with high thickness, and the drying efficiency is also high, but the operating cost of the boiler Compared with steam boilers, the cost is higher, but there are also ways to use heat-conducting oil electric heaters to directly heat the heat-conducting oil. This cost is relatively low, and it is the most environmentally friendly way; drying with hot air as heating medium, If the dryer is not operated properly or the hot air duct leaks, there is a fire, and this is the least environmentally friendly way. However, this dryer has low cost and can also burn scraps or scraps produced by veneer and plywood production. This kind of dryer is still in use in countries and regions such as Africa, Southeast Asia and India.

If you have any other questions about the veneer dryer, please contact us, we will bring you professional and enthusiastic service.




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